“Original KFC Moments” wins Merit at APPIES Malaysia 2022

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Now, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the Merit winners of APPIES Malaysia and Asia Pacific 2022 Marketing Campaign Awards by sharing the campaign stories.

Entropia (part of Accenture Song) awarded Merit for their campaign with QSR Stores Sdn. Bhd under the category of Adtech/ Martech.

Their creative approach in enhancing their message in regard to the above-mentioned category has left the notable line up of judges speechless. This has further led them to be awarded with the Merit award.

KFC were slowly losing relevance among the teens and young adults every q-o-q. NFT was trending, and it presents an opportunity for the brand to create relevance and be distinctive in reaching out to its target segments.

Original KFC Moments: From Foodchain to the Blockchain.

KFC’s iconic original flavours don’t just fill our tummies, but our hearts as well. There is a moment that is irreplacable in every bite. 

That is the insight on why it is finger lickin’ good and we want to celebrate every moment of that with our consumers. Hence, KFC merged this insight and this opportunity by bringing our finger lickin’ good moments into the metaverse.

To honour our Original Recipe of 11 secret herbs and spices, KFC collaborated with three local NFT artists to create 11 editions of NFTs. The artists developed the NFTs based on their own interpretation of their original KFC moments.

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