“How Goodday Milk turned frowns into smiles!” wins Merit at APPIES Malaysia 2022

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Now, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the Merit winners of APPIES Malaysia and Asia Pacific 2022 Marketing Campaign Awards by sharing the campaign stories.

Noir by Entropia awarded Merit for their campaign with Etika Beverages Sdn Bhd under the category of Customer Experience.

In ensuring that they live up to the customer’s expectations and give them the best experience, Noir by Entropia is the best agency and they also managed to wow the judges during the live presentation.

To ease children’s anxiety and fear when facing healthcare providers, Goodday milk spearheaded a first-in-the-world initiative; the creation of cheerful PPEs to give the usual white attire a bright and positive makeover! 

To change the way a child sees the world, the agency needed to first see the world through another child’s eyes. 

We knew that to make a difference, our Happee PPEs need to be designed by another child in their own visual language, not polished designs like an adult. 

In conjunction with International Children’s Day & the brand’s mantra of “Let the goodness flow”, Goodday Milk wants to spread goodness & positivity for children all around. 

Without advertising directly to children, the agency decided to recruit our Happee children designers through their parents as well as teachers and leverage the power of media to spread their mission.

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