July 30, 2024 8:30 am
July 30, 2024 5:30 pm
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This hands-on workshop delivered by Indhran Indharseghar is where the science of AI meets the art of B2B sales. This captivating series of workshops are designed exclusively to unlock the true sales potential of any B2B team.

Sales and marketing leaders using ChatGPT, and other AI-powered tools will immediatelybenefit from increased sales productivity after the session.

Through gamified quests and creative challenges, participants will master the art of generating leads, crafting captivating sales pitches, and harnessing the power of AI in presentations, negotiations and closing. Ascend to new heights, armed with new AI skills to win clients, forge lasting relationships, and elevate your organization’s sales performance.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Understanding ChatGPT and its capabilities

The impact of AI in modern B2B sales
Introduction to ChatGPT and AI tools  in Sales
Risk of not integrating AI into the sales process

Module 2: Identifying Sales Opportunities with ChatGPT

Utilizing ChatGPT for competitor intelligence and lead generation
Identifying potential customers and target industries through AI-driven insights
Analyzing customer behaviour and trends using AI-powered data

Module 3: Crafting Engaging Sales Content

Writing compelling email templates using ChatGPT
Personalizing messages to resonate with prospects
Creating persuasive social media posts and content with AI support

Module 4: Enhancing Customer Interactions

Implementing ChatGPT in customer support and engagement
Tailoring responses to customer inquiries with AI assistance
Providing timely and accurate information to boost customer satisfaction

Module 5: Leveraging ChatGPT for Sales Presentations

Creating dynamic and impactful presentations using AI-generated content
Integrating ChatGPT into pitch decks for enhanced storytelling
Addressing client objections with AI-informed responses

Module 6: Maximizing ChatGPT for Sales Calls

Preparing for sales calls using AI-driven scripts and talking points
Improving active listening and understanding customer needs with AI insights
Customizing sales pitches in real-time with AI assistance

Module 7: Negotiation and Closing Deals with ChatGPT

Utilizing AI-driven insights to understand customer needs and pain points
Customizing proposals and offers with ChatGPT
Predicting potential objections and preparing suitable responses

Module 8: Post-Sales Follow-Up and Relationship Building

Making the most AI Tools and integration with house CRM systems
Leveraging ChatGPT for personalized follow-up emails and messages
Using AI to stay informed about customer milestones and events
Nurturing long-term relationships through thoughtful AI-powered interactions