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Recently MARKETING magazine Malaysia conducted an audience survey with 300 participants at the Malaysian CMO Conference & Awards 2019. They represent a healthy cross-section of our business and these valuable findings are the first of its kind in our industry. The data now confirms the user behaviour of our readers as they evolve with us into 2020.

We are a niche platform that engages with the marketing, media, creative and digital industries. We don’t pretend to be anything else. So if you need to connect with key players in this billion-ringgit industry, you need look no further. We have been talking to them for 23 years:

Our Audience

Marketing Magazine Audience Survey
Marketing Magazine Audience Survey
Marketing Magazine Audience Behaviour
Marketing Magazine Audience Behaviour

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We narrate positive news & your brand can present it to our audience

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In article banners, website takeover, video banners, video takeover

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We feature brand campaigns that are rooted in impact, that are purpose driven

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This offering allows partners to integrate their brand with TBI’s existing properties or create exclusive content in the form of video originals, web series short format videos, article series, using storytelling that represents a brand’s core ethos

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