Time Lets You Customise Your Internet Any Way You Want, Like It’s Your Father’s Company

Does this sound familiar…

“Eh, you think this is your father’s company ah?”

While you may have heard this a billion times, Time is making it possible for you to experience customising your internet plan like it’s actually your father’s company.

Adding a truly unique Time twist to their Chinese New Year ad this year, the ad, aptly titled “Your Father’s Ad” follows a conversation of an Indian family whose daughter questions their culture as they should have all been Chinese.

Follow the exciting conversation that takes you on a journey that showcases the interests of each family member, allowing them to be who they want, what they want and when they want, like it’s their Father’s company.

Witty with a great hint of brilliance, Your Father’s Ad showcases Time’s originality, sharp observance to the current trend as well as the clear understanding of what truly makes us Malaysians… the diversity of cultures and the great conversations around the dinner table.

There’s drama, there’s humour and there’s everything you never expected in a Chinese New Year Ad in Your Father’s Ad and it’s definitely a “MUST WATCH” this festive season.

“For us at Fishermen, the prospect of crafting a dull advertisement is our greatest fear. Fortunately for us, our clients share this sentiment, propelling us to constantly push boundaries, ensuring our work is not just impactful but an enjoyable journey as well. We’re glad that Time has become our ally in this pursuit of creativity and excellence!” proudly exclaimed Joyce Gan, the Group Brand Director of Fisherman Integrated.

“Our idea had to demonstrate Time’s flexibility in customising internet plans,” added Adam Miranda, Executive Creative Director of Fishermen Integrated. “But we also had to do it in a Chinese New Year setting. Plus, make it stand out in the sea of festive ads.

The opportunity to work on such briefs and scripts is why creative people join Fishermen – to push ideas into the zone of entertainment. We then collaborated with Derrik Yaw and the Graph Studio team and created something we’re excited to share with the world.”

“We definitely set the team at Fishermen a daunting challenge to communicate a clear, single-minded value proposition within a festive ad, while making it both endearing and engaging. This creative alchemy of “storyselling” is something we strive for to cut through the clutter, and Fishermen and Graph were the perfect partners to bring our vision to life.

If the audience is laughing, it’s easier for us to be selling,” explained Andrew Yeoh, Group Head of Marketing at Time. “Another reason we’re so proud of this film is that it beautifully showcases the diversity of Malaysia, with 6 languages and dialects represented throughout,” he added further.

Time, one of Malaysia’s leading internet providers, is committed to providing seamless connectivity with its wholly-owned 100% Fibre Network. This Chinese New Year, Time invites you to enhance your internet experience with tailor-made packages, ensuring you stay connected throughout the festive season.

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