Now You Know, Thanks to Data – Home internet considered more important than clean water among property buyers

home broadband now you know thanks to data

‘Now You Know, Thanks to Data’ is a 4-part content series exploring different themes of e-commerce, consumer behaviour, buying and selling trends. This fourth part explores how consumers who are looking to purchase properties, find home internet as one of the top 6 essential items they consider buying for their property.  

In an increasingly digital world where not only adults, but even children, rely on the internet for a majority of their daily activities, it is no surprise that quick and easy connectivity has become one of the main concerns in people’s minds.

Unlike public internet networks found in coffee shops, the home internet provides a secured, stable and reliable source of connectivity to the outside world, hence becoming a modern-day essential item. 

A survey conducted by Malaysia-based market research company, Insightz Club*, to analyse and understand the consumer behaviour of property buyers, revealed that 86% of property buyers have plans to change or buy electrical items for the property.

What was most fascinating about this find was that the home internet ranked in the top 6 items they would prioritise changing, ranking even above clean water. 

The survey, which was conducted using 626 Malaysians who use online platforms to sell, buy or browse for products such as new or used cars and new or sub-sales properties, also revealed that is the most popular online platform for all property selling and buying activities. 

andrew pinto now you know thanks to data
Andrew Pinto

“Understanding what our consumers consider as essential is key for us to understand their needs and provide solutions that can conveniently cater to them.”

Andrew Pinto, Head of Marketing,

Commenting on the finding that home internet is considered more important than clean water among property buyers, the Head of Marketing for, Andrew Pinto said, “The findings from the survey reveals the extent to which technology dominates our lives that even future homeowners consider the home internet as a priority when listing down items they would like to change or buy. Understanding what our consumers consider as essential is key for us to understand their needs and provide solutions that can conveniently cater to them.”

As the largest online marketplace, sees an average of 433,000 unique visitors per month who browse for home electronics as it serves as an end-to-end platform for property owners and even sellers. By providing a platform for not only big-tickets-items such as properties but also other essential electrical items, remains an integral part of the consumer’s purchase journey.

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