Fishermen Integrated and TIME dotCom pulls “Kabel Besar” to get you better connections

kabel besar

In their continuous efforts to offer Malaysians better, stronger  and faster connections, internet service provider TIME dotCom together with their digital agency Fishermen Integrated, deployed their “Kabel Besar” to solve all your internet woes.  

“Kabel Besar” is a double entendre that promotes TIME’s 100% Fibre Cables, as well as Malaysia’s very  familiar culture of having the right connections to solve all your problems. The plan, dubbed the VVIP connection your home deserves, promises consumers the ultimate WiFi experience in every corner of your home with the latest promotion of 1Gbps at just RM149. 

The campaign, which features three renowned actors living their best lives, thanks to “Kabel Besar”, received  overwhelmingly positive responses from netizens, applauding them for the wise and witty play on the phrase as well as the iconic and instantly recognisable actors who were casted for the ads.  

“TIME’s Kabel Besar campaign is another fine example of Fishermen’s creativity at work – a combination of a  relevant Malaysian cultural insight, strong product USPs and branded entertainment. Thus, making it work  uniquely for TIME. We are proud to have TIME’s “Kabel Besar” campaign added into our ongoing list of  creative excellence”, said Andrew Tan, Executive Creative Director of Fishermen. 

Targeting their three main audiences, TIME and Fishermen made the right call, when they casted Dato’ Jalaluddin bin Hassan who is famously known as the host of the Malaysian version of Who Wants to Be a  Millionaire, Datuk Paduka Mustapha Kamal who is known for his respectable rich and influential characters in Malaysian dramas and Joanne Kam, Malaysia’s Queen of Comedy who shone brightly in her role as a Crazy Rich Asian spoof.  

These three iconic actors embodied their characters perfectly and truly gave live to the meaning of having  “Kabel Besar” to get what you want, when you want it.

“Kabel Besar ticked the magical trifecta of marrying a  relatable cultural insight, a real product truth as well as relevant Malaysian characters. It is birthed from our  ethos of standing out by entertaining first and selling later. As a challenger player with limited budget in a  space dominated by some of Malaysia’s strongest brands, we have to earn the right to capture the public’s  attention. “Kabel Besar” is our first step in carving out an ownable space in this crowded market where we  believe creativity and storytelling will make a long-term difference. In essence, when the category zigs, we’ll zag”, said Andrew Yeoh, Head of Marketing from TIME dotCom. 

“It’s an amazing feeling to have clients who dare to be bold and real. Combine that with an agency that is  unafraid to push boundaries, you can rest assure that the collaboration will create magic! “Kabel Besar” is just  the beginning, so look out for many more daring and extraordinary campaigns to come”, said Joyce Gan, Group Brand Director of Fishermen. 

Up to date, TIME’s “Kabel Besar” has garnered over 2 million views across their social media platforms. 

To watch TIME’s “Kabel Besar”, click here.

TIME’s 1Gbps at just RM149 comes with a free mesh WiFi enhanced starter pack and is valid for a limited time only.

Check out to get started on your “Kabel Besar” connection.  

Fishermen Integrated burst into the Malaysian advertising scene winning the Golden Kancil twice in 2015 & 2019, and has since continued to push their creative boundaries in the Digital Advertising world.

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