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By Raihan Hadi
This piece was the Cover Story for MARKETING Weekender Issue 305

Is this really happening?

I blinked a few times and read the message a few times before it could sink in through my skin. Pinched myself even.

Nope…not dreaming.

“APPIES Asia-Pacific 2022 to be hosted by Malaysia.”

The long awaited, highly acclaimed awards show is coming back with a bang after a 5 year long hiatus, and it will be the first regional marketing awards show to be hosted by Malaysia, showcasing the best across the Asia Pacific!

Where the most brilliant and inspirational ideas in marketing communications are not only recognized, but celebrated as well. It began as an annual event that presented a rare opportunity for creative, media, digital and marketing agencies or brands to present their best campaigns to the industry.

Yes, we are still battling against Covid-19, which is why the only event where live presentations meet live judging will be hosted virtually this time.

Besides adding a big leaf to their hats, the winners of 2022 will be receiving Gold, Silver or Bronze trophies for 10 categories, and 7 special Best of Best categories, otherwise known as the red trophies, that require no submissions.

The categories are:

Best in Food & Beverage – All beverages, as in beers, wines, soft drinks, water, etc. as well as Food items, as in packaged foods, diet foods, confectionery, snacks and others.

Best in Non-Food FMCG – Detergents, paints, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs, remedies, beauty, personal care, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, wellness and so forth.

Best in Pro Bono, Festive, Government, Cultural, and Entertainment – Campaigns that showcase religious or cultural festivals and landmark events like Merdeka Day. Includes all forms of entertainment, for instance, movies, TV shows, podcasts, events, E-sports, gaming, etc.

Best in Digital & Social – Campaigns that drive the brand on social, search marketing, contextual, websites, email, podcasts, EDMs, gaming, E-sports, messaging platforms, mobile, etc.

Best in AdTech and MarTech – Campaigns that deploy Programmatic, AI, VR, AR, data-driven thinking, relevant apps, IoT, 5G, analytics, etc.

Best in Consumer & Business Services – Financial, retail, travel, airlines, tourism, fast-food, quick service, casual dining, telco products, medical, dental care, education, etc. Also includes businesses like E-Wallets, Tech & Business, business-to-business services, consultancy, courier, software/hardware management services, etc.

Best in Consumer Durables – Includes electronics and all home appliances, mobile devices, home entertainment, cameras, computers, washing machines, apparel, accessories, watches, luxury items, property, cars, motorcycles, gasoline, motor oil, tyres, batteries, etc.

Best in Customer Experience – Includes customer service, digital relationships and UX, activation, CRM, loyalty programs, influencer marketing, retail innovations, experiential marketing, social good, customer engagement, partnerships, sponsorships, promotions, etc.

Best in E-Commerce – Campaigns by online retailers that use B2B, B2C, O2O (Offline to Online), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), Consumer-to-Business (C2B), Business-to-Administration (B2A), etc. Includes related products like e-hailing, e-deliveries, e-wallets, e-travel and the likes.

Best in Marketing Innovation Path-breaking campaigns that utilize Omni-channel platforms including innovative technologies, insights and ideas that elevate the brand to new levels of impactful marketing excellence.

Here are the Special Categories that do not require any submissions:

APPIES ASIA PACIFIC 2022 Rising Star Presenter of the Year (below 30)

APPIES ASIA PACIFIC 2022 Trailblazing Presenter of the Year (above 30)

APPIES ASIA PACIFIC 2022 Media Agency of the Year

APPIES ASIA PACIFIC 2022 Advertising Agency of the Year

APPIES ASIA PACIFIC 2022 Digital Agency of the Year

APPIES ASIA PACIFIC 2022 Production Company of the Year

APPIES ASIA PACIFIC 2022 Marketer of the Year

The Council for APPIES Asia Pacific consists of Professor Harmandar Singh as the Organizing Chairman, and Adam Wee Abdullah, Chief Marketing Officer of Manulife Insurance Berhad, as the Advisor.

“What sets The APPIES apart from other events is that each featured campaign is presented Live by the brand marketers and campaign creators themselves before a panel of judges and an industry audience. Only outstanding campaigns that have a unique marketing success story will go on to win the APPIES trophies,” said Professor Harmandar Singh, Organizing Chairman of APPIES Asia Pacific, and Regional Publisher of MARKETING Magazine.

Learn more about the star studded Jury board for APPIES Asia Pacific click here.


Submissions Deadline

15 November 2021

Announcement of Finalists

29 December 2021

Judging & Presentations

25 & 26 January 2022

Winners Announcement

22 February 2022

Download your entry kit for APPIES APAC here.

For more details on the categories and submission, please visit

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