SCG Bi-ion and Wunderman Thompson Thailand launches #CleanairMatters movement in Bangkok to fight back against bad air

Bangkokians have experienced breathing unhealthy air for a long time. The pollution levels have continuously worsened with PM2.5 and the past few years of the Covid pandemic has made breathing healthy air difficult. 

The most contagious place for infectious diseases in the respiratory tract is enclosed spaces where air has been shared. 

Harmful air is no longer just a worry but a life-threatening situation. From 2019 to 2022, 68,728 deaths from respiratory diseases have been recorded in Thailand due to unsafe air. 

Yet, little can be done by Bangkokians as efforts by authorities are slow and policies are not long term. So, we should live with unhealthy air, shouldn’t we?

SCG Bi-ion is a revolutionary well-being technology that renders clean air indoors installed into existing air conditioner systems. It reduces and cleans up to 99.9% * of contaminants, pollutants, germs, and viruses.  

Once installed inside buildings such as offices, buildings, schools, hospitals, etc – it gives the residents safer air. But the challenge remains –if people have learnt to live with bad air, why should they worry and demand for clean air? 

SCG partnered with Wunderman Thompson Thailand to tackle this nonchalant/casual acceptance of bad air through its #cleanairmatters movement to trigger Bangkokians to wake up and demand for clean air.

First, SCG Bi-ion revealed the shocking truth of deaths related to bad air through a Giant Lung Installation.  

This art sculpture is made of 68,728 defective face masks that symbolized the number of Thais who had died from airborne diseases during 2019-2022. The huge sculpture has a potent message at its base When was the last time you really breathed clean air?. 

Inside the monument gives an immersive sound experience of clean air areas such as a deep forest, beach, and waterfall. 

People could scan the QR code to learn about the dangers of poor air quality, airborne inflicted illnesses and how to improve air quality with the SCG Bi-ion.

Next came the solution – The Airbulance – a mobile experiential space fitted with SCG Bi-ion for people to experience breathing clean air. 

This mobile unit reports a live monitoring of air quality index and PM2.5 inside the mobile unit to experience the efficiency of SCG Bi-ion. Passersby are invited go inside this Airbulance to breath clean air. 

These two initiatives have been followed by an original documentary film LIFE AND BREATH, which tells the story of people working the most dangerous jobs and how they risk their lives from just breathing bad air. 

Mr. Wachirachai Koonamwattana, Head of Service Solution Business at SCG, said: “Under our axiom of ‘PASSION FOR BETTER LIVING’, SCG has always worked at our fullest capacity to integrate innovative solutions for living improvement.

Especially, inside the buildings where we spent most of our time. Therefore, we have to ensure that indoor air quality must be clean and safe for everyone, so that our future generations can have the finest quality of life.”  

“Bad air is a life and death issue, with too many deaths caused by this. Thai people have silently put up with this problem long enough and I think it’s time we need to start a conversation and do something about it before it’s too late” says Uraiwan Pongthavornsawat, Associate Creative Director of Wunderman Thompson Thailand 

This movement reached more than million Bangkokians and garnered dramatically 1,300,000 THB PR Value. 

Social media recorded above 30,000 social engagements, triggering a lot of heated conversation on clean air.

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