This Mother’s Day in Thailand, KFC wanted moms across the country to have the much-needed break they deserve in its ‘Let Mom Rest’ Campaign on the 12th August.

Colonel Sanders initiated his crispy idea of Operation ‘Let Mom Rest’, recognizing Motherhood as a superhero’s job that takes no holidays and the need for Thai families to recognize that a mother’s duty should not be hers to carry alone. The Colonel challenged partners and family members to take over household chores / family care and to appreciate everything their moms do.

KFC rang the bell on 12th August, a National Mother’s Day in Thailand, collaborating with big name family favourites to replace the ‘mother’ in their brand logos and packaging – and even brand names of various ‘mother’ brands in Thailand.

The result was astounding! Mother’s Kitchen Oyster Sauce transformed into ‘Father’s Kitchen Oyster Sauce’; Mother’s Rice transitioned into ‘Father’s Rice’ and Mother’s Boiled Bamboo into ‘Father’s Boiled Bamboo!’

Park Wannasiri, Chief Creative Officer of Wunderman Thompson Thailand says, “No one denies being a mother is one of the toughest, most overwhelming, and most exhausting jobs! People in Thailand really appreciate the long-term commitment of being a mother – and brands do too! Motherhood is even highlighted in many food, household, and children’s products here, for example, canned fish, oyster sauce, or diapers.”

The proof was evident on the 12th of August: limited edition prototypes of these mother turned father brand products were bundled into a free, limited-edition KFC ‘Let Mom Rest’ customer gift set, offered at KFC Samyan Mitrtown with every KFC All in One Bucket order.

Sakechai Choomuenwai, General Manager of YUM Restaurants International Co., Ltd. says, “Lifestyles have changed – and we know all too well that a mother has to take on roles both outside and inside the house which means she seldom takes a break.

On a special occasion like this, KFC takes extra pride in paying attention to all mothers, as we intend to create a new, ongoing trend that sees house chores and childcare transcend beyond a mother’s duty.”

Winning the hearts of all Thai mothers (and fathers) – and brands too – people took to their social channels to spread the KFC L.O.V.E, resulting in yet another viral campaign by Thailand’s favourite quick service restaurant chain.

“We want our Thai families to recognize that a mother’s duty should not be hers alone to bear; and one day in the year should never be enough to show our appreciation. This must become common practice amongst households. Fathers, life partners and extended family members should be mindful of the roles we all play – so that everyone helps each other beneath the strain of life,” ends Choomuenwai.

To top up the bucket, KFC’s Mother’s Day extended to all KFC employees with a special KFC meal and fun activities of the day, helping everyone to lighten the load.

For all KFC Chicken fans out there, there’ll be more exciting surprises frying up this year, while KFC continues to fulfill its role as Thailand’s best-friend brand. A brand that keeps its promise, and its recipes – no matter the day of the year.

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