Taylor’s Triumphs in its National Day and Malaysia Day ‘Campur2 Nasi Lemak’ Celebration, Breaking Records and Fostering Unity

Taylor’s University proudly concludes a triumphant National Day and Malaysia Day celebration that radiated unity and diversity. Drawing inspiration from the resounding message of harmony portrayed in its recently unveiled festive video ‘Campur2’, this vibrant event united Malaysians, international participants, and students from diverse universities in an unforgettable commemoration of the nation’s dual celebrations.

The event which took place on 12 September at the scenic Taylor’s Lakeside Campus in Subang Jaya witnessed the spirited participation of over 1,000 individuals in the ‘Campur2 Nasi Lemak’ experience. The nasi lemak and its various dishes were thoughtfully crafted by the talented students and esteemed lecturers of Taylor’s Culinary Institute.

The video, which beautifully portrays the harmony that arises from embracing diversity, prompted the university to create an event that brings this message to life. In ‘Campur2’, the blending of diverse ingredients mirrors the amalgamation of cultures, languages, and traditions that define Malaysia. This vibrant message resonated deeply with viewers and served as the catalyst for an event that celebrates unity in its truest form.

“Taylor’s is firmly committed to its mission of fostering unity through diversity. Our ‘Campur2 Nasi Lemak’ event stands as a powerful testament to this commitment, showcasing how our vibrant community embraces the beauty of our differences while celebrating the shared values that bind us together,” affirmed Ben Foo, Taylor’s Group Chief Marketing Officer.

He further added, “Looking at our own campus population, we are also diverse. Hence, why this event holds such profound significance for us. Our student body hails from a myriad of nationalities, and it’s this very diversity that propels us to celebrate the Taylorian community, stemming from various cultures as well.

This event, coupled with our heart-warming festive video, beautifully exemplifies our unwavering dedication to creating impactful experiences that not only transcend boundaries but also deeply resonate with the intricate tapestry of Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage.”

This achievement not only forged a stronger sense of togetherness but also etched a new record in the esteemed category of Most Participants in a Nasi Lemak Breakfast Session, a feat officially acknowledged by The Malaysian Book of Records.

The resounding echoes of ‘Campur2’ also reached far beyond the confines of the event as the festive video garnered widespread attention, amassing over 6.6 million views across various social media platforms at the time of writing. This overwhelming response underscores the universal appeal of the video’s message, resonating deeply with its audience.

The camaraderie extended its embrace to students from a variety of universities, including Sunway University, Monash University, Asia Pacific University (APU), Xiamen University, Multimedia University, UCSI, International Multimedia University, Heriot-Watt University and Nottingham University.

By embracing diversity and inclusivity, the event provided an enriching platform for students from diverse academic backgrounds to converge and honour Malaysia’s diverse cultural heritage.


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