CelcomDigi inspires a spirit of unity in celebrating togetherness this Raya season

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This Hari Raya, CelcomDigi Berhad inspires Malaysians to unite and celebrate our unique differences, that when brought together have the potential for a great many feats.

Inspired by one of the company’s core values, “Stronger Together”, CelcomDigi’s Raya video titled “Rumah Terbuka” tells the heart-warming story of how a family, once divided, became stronger when they set aside their differences and worked together to strengthen their heritage with innovation, enabling a meaningful Raya celebration for the reunited family now and for generations to come.

The story resonates with CelcomDigi’s own journey, having recently merged to bring the best of both networks, products and services, innovation, and people to better serve its over 20 million customers across the country.

The company believes that its shared and diverse heritage of experience, skills, and talents reflect the many Malaysians it continues to serve, and is the key ingredient to help create a world inspired by its customers.

CelcomDigi hopes to encourage Malaysians to come together strongly this season to celebrate diversity, foster a deeper sense of unity, and open up our minds and hearts to new possibilities and innovations to succeed together.

CelcomDigi wishes all Malaysians Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and a meaningful time together with their loved ones.

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