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As part of this year’s Raya campaign, MEASAT has launched a heart-warming video entitled ‘Nenek Di Mana-Mana’, which tells the story of Ida and her close relationship with her grandmother. 

The reason behind the video is to inform Malaysians that closeness with their loved ones does not end when they leave their hometown after the festive season.  Many Malaysians long to stay close to their friends and families but do not have the option to stay connected with them due to lack of telecommunication infrastructure in their hometown. 

Thanks to MEASAT’s CONNECTme, which offers 100Mbps high-speed broadband with the upcoming new MEASAT-3d satellite, Malaysians nationwide will be able to continuously keep a close proximity with their loved ones even at the remotest places.

Currently, CONNECTme is the nation’s only prepaid telecommunication option for those who have no access to internet. There are still approximately 2 – 5% of the Malaysia population who have no internet access and the role of MEASAT is imperative to ensure no one is left behind in the national digital agenda. 

The film shines light on one undisputed, universal truth: that no matter the distance, our loved ones can always be right next to us with MEASAT’s CONNECTme.

This integrated campaign was jointly developed by Trapper and YourMaker, whose primary role is to disseminate this important message to not only the usual urban connectors but to those who are living in unconnected areas.  The campaign will be on selected free-to-air TV channels, radio progammes and digital platforms.

Sue-Anne Lim, CEO of Trapper said, “As we emerge from a 2-year subdued celebration, we see a very unique and important role for CONNECTme this Raya. CONNECTme is currently the only prepaid solution for Malaysians to continuously be connected to one another regardless of where they are in the entire country. That is what makes this Raya film so special and why it’s important to ensure we send this message to all the right people at the right places, at the right time. MEASAT does not only have a commercial value here, but a very strong social mission”.

Lee Tak Shune, Co-Founder of YourMaker added, “Even after Raya, we can celebrate closeness every day no matter how far apart we are. It was a real challenge to highlight the bond between Ida and her grandmother – especially when we’re trying to tell two different stories in the same frame. For us, authenticity is utmost important to ensure the film also resonates well with our East Malaysian audience. The film was shot in Sabah with all local talents, right down to the chickens! We’re mindful that CONNECTme has a strong consumer heartland in East Malaysia”.

“The Nenek Di Mana-mana short film created together with Trapper and YourMaker delivers impactful imagery and a progressive outlook that continues to propel MEASAT forward as a brand committed to connecting the unconnected,” said Yau Chyong Lim, COO of MEASAT.

“MEASAT is currently connecting over 300,000 people in rural Malaysia and with the soon to be launched MEASAT-3d in June, MEASAT is looking forward to connecting circa 2 million rakyat at remote areas”, Yau concluded. 

The campaign is now live on national TV, radio as well as YouTube and Facebook. This is in conjunction with the final week of Ramadan, when Muslims are making logistical preparations to visit their hometown for the upcoming celebration. 

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