Red Bull Malaysia reminds young Malaysians to never forget what they were striving for

As we get lost in the daily grind, we sometimes tend to lose sight of our life goals. We forget our reason for doing what we do. More so in this period when the nation is working harder than ever to bounce back from the pandemic.

As the energizer of the nation, Red Bull Malaysia set out to inspire young Malaysians to keep striving and believing that they would one day achieve greatness in their latest campaign ‘Mara Kita Membara’.

The campaign was developed by local boutique agency Muma Malaysia and produced by Director’s Think Tank. It tells the story of three protagonist – A young hipster barber, an ambitious delivery rider and a fresh lady executive. They experience the challenges that every young adult would need to endure at the start of their careers and how they rise above with strength and tenacity.

Young Film Director Cardin Phua took a new-age film making approach and gave the film a unique edge by filming it on different cameras. From the Blackmagic Pocket and drones to Insta360 and even an iPhone. The effect was a unique piece of film that perfectly captures the rollercoaster of emotions that the young protagonists go through in their quest towards achieving greatness.

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