Satisfy your workplace cravings with foodpanda for business

foodpanda Malaysia today announced the launch of foodpanda for Business, an exclusive service for corporate clients to set employee allowances, have access to catering, exclusive discounts, customisable e-vouchers, customizable employee packages and pandapro subscription, all while being supported by an assigned account manager and a dedicated customer service team that will be available from 9am to 6pm daily.

Commenting on this latest offering, Jay Ar Juan, Commercial Director, foodpanda Malaysia said the goal was to provide value for businesses with the flexibility and freedom to customise packages for their employees according to their needs. “As an organisation that is on the corporate platform ourselves, we took note of the convenience and flexibility that we would be able to offer other organisations. We also saw the opportunity for foodpanda for Business to be utilised by the Human Resources department within an organisation to disburse team incentives, care packages or even as a welcome treat for new members.”

Special Catering Menu

With foodpanda for Business, corporate clients can look forward to a special, customisable menu from both local caterers and restaurant partners for a minimum of RM100. Available in multiple locations, employers would be able to pick from a variety of cuisines for affordable prices. However, these requests would need to be pre-planned for at least 2 days in advance.

Allowance System

Designed with finances and budgets in mind, foodpanda for Business allows clients to only to pay for used credits as well as  access to the use allowance first, pay later option. Businesses would also have the choice of fixing a specific time, day, or location. That’s not all! A daily, weekly, monthly or one-time allowance can be specified for employees to satisfy their cravings,and all details and purchase transactions can be tracked in the monthly billing invoice. Employees can also enjoy a 10% corporate uncapped discount for RM50 and above for selected vendors, on top of available discount vouchers–but don’t forget to place group orders to enjoy discount codes and rider efficiency.

Customisable E-Vouchers and Packages

Customisable e-vouchers are available in the form of unique and customisable voucher codes. With a 3-month validity period, these can be redeemed through both consumer and business platforms. Additionally, businesses can also have access to customised packages such as care packages, hampers, as well as festive and welcome back gifts with foodpanda for Business.

pandapro Monthly Subscription

Aside from that, businesses will also be able to enjoy amazing benefits with the pandapro monthly subscription, such as exclusive discounts of 15% and up on top of the usual discounts on delivery at selected partner restaurants, 12 free deliveries monthly on orders above RM25, extra 5% off for Pick-Up orders, two 20% off vouchers for pandamart and Shop orders above RM45 (capped at RM10) and a 25% flat rebate on dine-in bills at selected partner restaurants.

foodpanda Pick-Up and pandamart

The excitement does not just end there. With foodpanda for Business, users can also enjoy 15 to 20% off when choosing self Pick-Up and competitive pricing on pandamart items such as beverages, snacks, cleaning and laundry items, household essentials as well as healthcare items.

What are you waiting for? The registration process is simple and would only require 3 easy steps. First, get started on the agreement with an official company stamp and signature. Then, provide the employee list that you would like to invite on the corporate platform. Finally, set up the account with the ordering rules, location and frequency. Now, you’re all set for your first order.

To find out more details on foodpanda for Business, please email [email protected]

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