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Already one of Malaysia’s fastest growing gig platforms, Gigple (Gig & People) is dedicated to professionals in the marketing and communications field as well as companies looking to grow their capabilities in this domain.

The presence of a reliable digital platform is the key to a thriving Gig economy. While the likes of Grab and Food Panda have become household names in their respective verticals, a new player has emerged, committed to connecting Malaysia’s talent to high value gigs. Interestingly, the marketing and communications industry is the fastest growing sector for gig work globally. With Malaysian universities and companies continuing to produce world-class Digital Marketing talent, Malaysia is well placed, to take advantage of this trend.

Since its launch, Gigple already lists over 2,000 giggers and close to 1,000 companies. To date, Tier 1 brands who have leveraged Gigple for their staffing needs include Media Monks, Aiken Digital, Invictus Blue Group and Ampersand- which is a testament to a real need in the market.

Let’s hear it from Keith Miranda, Gigple’s Founder, with whom we recently had a quick conversation.

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What is the inspiration behind Gigple?

Gigple was founded with the fundamental belief that work is something we do rather than somewhere that we necessarily go to. Workers in today’s economy want a breadth of experience, the ability to work with various brands and crucially live according to their pace and schedule. At its core – that is what the ‘Future of Work’ means.

We at Gigple are fully committed to assisting both companies and talents to fully maximize their potential within the digital economy. We also think that if we get this right – we will help the economies within which we operate.

How’s the response coming along from the market?

Since its launch, Gigple has acquired a strong number of quality Gig Seekers and Employers – given the strong partnerships we have with global corporates, the average income for our Giggers is one of the highest and we will look to add and maintain this key metric going forward. A strong average Gig amount is also helpful to get our economy get back on track, which is one of our key priorities.

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What makes Gigple the go-to platform for giggers?

Unlike most Gig platforms, we are focused on one of the most exciting verticals: Marketing and Communications. Our unique relationship with some of the largest communications brands such as Invictus Blue, M&C Saatchi, Ampersand Advisory and Media Monks allows us to really break away from the mould.

Functionally – Gigple also allows companies to connect, interview, on-board and pay independent contractors without ever leaving the platform.

When dealing in the Gig space, clarity on deliverables, milestones and expectations are key. We feel we’ve created a system that offers security and peace of mind for both talent and company.

We also recognize the value that independent contractors can offer to Malaysia’s SMEs. With that in mind, Gigple has expressed its desire to serve as a partner for SMEs in their digitalization journey.

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Are there any added values that differentiate Gigple in comparison to others?

Our aim is to create the proverbial ‘Win-Win’ – Win for the Gig Seekers by giving them quality high end work and win for companies looking to access talent to grow their brand and sales.

Gigple provides companies who hire on the platform, access to very useful digital marketing tools, such a complimentary one-time website SEO audit, complimentary analytics checklist and rebates of up to 30% on digital marketing services provided by strategic partner AdMatik, which helps brands create and place rich media content into its publisher network that reaches over 12 million monthly unique readers across Malaysia.

We are revolutionizing the staffing industry in Malaysia and taking it to the next level with high value, high paying gigs that do justice to the abundant talent in this country.

Would you say Gigple made things better for giggers here during the pandemic?

The fact is pandemic-induced telework has changed professional life as we know it forever.

In actuality, these changes only accelerated the emergence of a new mindset that had already been brewing among Millennials and Gen Z’ers; one that embraces flexibility and is more focused on making tangible contributions to an organization or a specific project. Today’s talents are less enamoured by roles and status, rather, they are more drawn to new challenges and “making a difference”.

Consequently, workers today are more specialized, mobile, independent and connected than ever. We now live in a world where an individual can be hired and on-boarded without ever having met colleagues face to face. A clear paradigm shift is upon us.

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The “Great Resignation” in the United States saw 4 million workers quit their jobs in 2021, illustrating the change in mindsets that is occurring among workers. The reality is that companies are forced to re-evaluate how to hire and retain talent.

For their part, companies also increasingly see the need to control unnecessary spending, while maintaining consistent productivity, and the level of agility that is required for them to navigate the current turbulent market conditions. Having to find the delicate balance between growth and spending, many companies are taking notice of the advantages of strategically leveraging freelancers, consultants and independent contractors, which includes tapping into highly specialized skills that current full-timers may not possess.

Enter the Gig economy

According to the UK government, “the Gig economy involves the exchange of labour for money between individuals or companies via digital platforms that actively facilitate matching between providers and customers, on a short-term and payment-by-task basis”.

Here in Malaysia, officials have recognized the rise of the Gig economy, while identifying the positive contribution it can make towards uplifting workers’ lives and the country’s overall GDP. The government’s recently unveiled 12th Malaysia Plan 2021-2025 (12MP) proposes the creation of an adapted ecosystem that will support the Gig economy and encourage people to take full advantage of the opportunities before them.

Since 2020, a significant number of Malaysians have turned to food delivery, last mile logistics and ride-sharing platforms to make ends meet in the absence of full time employment. That said, the Gig economy is not limited to only low-skill, low pay, blue collar work.

If there is one thing the last two years has taught everyone, it’s that the world is capable of adapting to drastic changes. Movement restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic forced both employers and employees all over the world to rethink how they view productivity and the workplace tied to it. With that in mind, Gigple is poised to redefine the concept of work in Malaysia.

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