You are not Malaysian enough if you missed these festive ads by MR.DIY in 2023!

(Top Left to Right: Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Bottom Left to Right: Merdeka, Deepavali)

From the vibrant celebration of Chinese New Year to the festive cheer of Christmas, and from the captivating tale of a ‘Rude Girl’ to the unfolding revolution of ‘Wo AI Ni’, MR DIY consistently stands out as the local brand embraced by all, particularly with its foray into the realm of festive webfilms.

MR DIY’s festive TVCs effortlessly transcend cultural boundaries, weaving a tapestry of multi-cultural characters whose lives intertwine, mirroring the rich diversity of Malaysian society. These videos serve as a testament to MR DIY’s commitment to being the brand that unites Malaysians, fostering the spirit of 1Malaysia and aspiring to be the go-to store for everyone, everywhere, at any time.

In the remarkable year of 2023, MR DIY achieved a unique milestone, securing a coveted spot in the Top 10 of the Expert Choice Awards organized by MARKETING Magazine, for each of their festive webfilm and being the only company to achieve this feat.

This recognition was earned through their exceptional festive videos, prominently featuring Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and Merdeka webfilms. Beyond tugging at the heartstrings and stirring excitement, these videos generated substantial buzz on online platforms, elevating MR DIY to the echelons of greatness in the realm of festive videos in Malaysia.

MR.DIY Chinese New Year Ads 2024: Wo AI Ni)

Undeterred by past success, MR DIY continues to raise the bar in 2024, embarking on a captivating exploration of Artificial Intelligence in their latest Chinese New Year webfilm titled “Wo Ai Ni.” This poignant narrative showcases the transformative power of modern technology in bringing families closer together.

Since its release, “Wo Ai Ni” has garnered an overwhelming response and sustained success on various online platforms. It stands as another noteworthy TVC for the year, an unmissable addition to MR DIY’s impressive repertoire.

Experience the essence of “Wo Ai Ni” today by delving into MR DIY’s Chinese New Year webfilm. Don’t miss out on this award-worthy cinematic masterpiece!

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