These are not the best CNY TVCs for this year (not yet anyway)

If you don’t submit your CNY TVCs, you will never win.

The annual MARKETING Magazine Experts’ Choice Awards, Top 10 CNY TVCs Edition 2022 is accepting submissions and time’s running out!

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The window closes at 5 p.m. Monday, 31st January 2022, and until then MARKETING Magazine will be accepting all local CNY TVC submissions from brands around the nation, as their films to stand a chance to be voted the best CNY TVC by our expert readers.

Over the years, our coverage and polling of the best festive TVCs based on our experts’ choice have had growing success and traction. Our respondents have grown from a few hundred to over several thousands in recent years.

This year, the top 10 winners will receive a certificate of recognition of MARKETING Magazine’s Experts’ Choice of Top CNY TVCs in Malaysia and the fame that comes with the commendation.

cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
Julie’s – The Worst Feng Shui Master 神算
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
GamudaLand – Key to Happiness
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
EcoWorld – 绘新一年 Create A Marvelous New Year
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31613
Garmin – The Little Things
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
Munchy’s – 加满满 (Jia Mun Mun)
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
RHB – A Spark For Change
cny 2022 marketing magazine experts' choice awards
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
AIA – Journey to the WoW
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
COWAY Malaysia – Drink More Water!
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
Etiqa – The Auspicious Time
cny 2022 marketing magazine malaysia experts' choice awards mcdonald's
McDonald’s – The Best Hairdresser Mum
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
Grab – Ah Ma Knows Best
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
Taylor’s University – Hēr Prósperity
cny 2022 malaysia marketing magazine hlb
HLB – Ong Lai Tart
cny 2022 ipc marketing asia
IPC – Year of the Woohoo
cny 2022 knife marketing magazine
Knife – Always Be There
cny 2022 marketing magazine awards
Mr. DIY – Family
cny 2022 spritzer
Spritzer – ONG-ONG Wishes, SUI-SUI Dishes!
cny 2022
TNB – WonderFu Fortune
cny 2022 marketing magazine theimages31634
Watson’s – #WatsonsGrandestHBY
cny 2022 bigpos
BIGPOS – 金虎与共 The Journey
cny 2022 jinnyboy
Jinnyboy – A CNY Reunion Disaster… Almost!
cny 2022 malaysia
Tune Talk – RISE with Sheng Family

The voting period for the submitted entries begins on 1st February 2022 and will end on 14th February 2022.

The top 10 winners will be announced on 18th February 2022 on our website and a special feature of MARKETING Weekender.

Submit your CNY TVC now for the nation’s one and only TVC awards determined purely by marketing and advertising experts. To take a look at last year’s entry, visit our official awards website.

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