“We’ve Not Done It Before, But We’ll Do It Anyway!” SPOTLIGHT Dorothy Fong, Founder & CEO, IDOTYOU

By The Malketeer

Few leaders have navigated the tumultuous waves of the digital landscape with as much grace and success as Dorothy Fong, the founder and CEO of IDOTYOU.

For over 22 years, Dorothy has been at the helm of this dynamic digital agency, guiding it from its early days as a mobile entertainment and SMS interactive services provider to a formidable, one-stop digital marketing powerhouse.

“We’ve not done it before, but we’ll do it anyway,” encapsulates Dorothy’s fearless approach to exploring uncharted territories and pushing boundaries.

The Mantra of Evolution

“Our business offerings need to evolve based on market demand, but our core competency and calling in the marketplace remain the same: to use creativity to bring positive business impact for brands,” Dorothy expounds.

This philosophy of continual adaptation and creativity has been the bedrock of IDOTYOU’s journey, transforming it into a trailblazer in the digital marketing arena.

Innovative Campaigns and Unconventional Approaches

One of the hallmarks of IDOTYOU’s approach is its commitment to finding efficient and cost-effective ways to reach target audiences.

A stellar example of this is the L’Oréal 12-Hour Virtual Beauty Festival, which made history by generating a month’s worth of online sales within a mere 24 hours!

This innovative campaign, conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in July 2020, utilised Facebook Live and conversational commerce via Facebook Messenger to bridge the gap between brands and consumers.

“We worked with eight L’Oréal brands and more than 30 influencers and KOLs for the 12-hour livestream with only three weeks lead time! It was truly an amazing experience and feat for us,” Dorothy recalls.

Dorothy’s strategic thinking and ability to overcome challenges were further exemplified by IDOTYOU’s award-winning campaigns for McDonald’s.

Recognised at the Effie Awards Malaysia 2023 and Kancil Awards 2023, these campaigns addressed the urgent need for recruitment to support McDonald’s business expansion.

“Unless GenZ is truly inspired and well-informed of the benefits and growth potential of working at McDonald’s, they will not consider it and instead prefer other trendier cafes and F&Bs,” Dorothy reiterates.

The result was “Kau Sundaeku,” a groundbreaking nine-episode mini-series that streamlined the application process via WhatsApp, the campaign not only addressed McDonald’s staffing challenges but also connected with the target audience on a deeper level.

Standing Out in a Saturated Digital Space

In a crowded digital space, ensuring that clients’ digital presence stands out requires a deep understanding of target audiences.

This human-centric approach, combined with leveraging cutting-edge technologies, forms the crux of IDOTYOU’s success.

“To make business sense to my clients, the technologies or platforms need to hit a critical mass first before we can recommend or apply marketing strategies on it to make it work for our clients. Timing is absolutely critical,” she asserts.

Pioneering Spirit and Calculated Risks

Reflecting on a pivotal moment in 2009, she shares, “I saw the coming of social networks and strongly believed that it will be the next big thing in digital marketing. That foresight has given me the opportunity to pioneer social media marketing for many brands in the early days including McDonald’s.”

This visionary mindset, coupled with a pioneering spirit, has kept IDOTYOU at the forefront of the industry.

Embracing Emerging Trends and Technologies

Looking ahead, Dorothy is excited about the potential of emerging trends and technologies.

“In the immediate term, I am most excited to up the creative game by injecting larger-than-life CGI ads. I am also looking forward to investing in more AI tools that can help to speed up our creation process to meet the demand of our clients,” she says.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to start their own digital agency, Dorothy offers this advice: “You are only as good as your last campaign. We must hold ourselves accountable to deliver on time and to the highest quality possible. Reliability, dependability, and dedication are the legacies I aim to leave in this industry.”

Finding Inspiration Beyond Business

Beyond her professional achievements, Dorothy draws inspiration from the stories of people and the tranquility of nature.

“I take interest in people’s unique stories and their way of living often make me think and ponder on my own life and way forward. But I also love to be away from people and soak in nature alone. That’s when the ideas and creativity flow incessantly,” she shares.

This balance between human connection and solitary reflection fuels her creativity and vision.

Maintaining a Trailblazing Position

As IDOTYOU continues to garner recognition, such as its designation as a Golden Agency in the Ham Report 2023, Dorothy remains focused on pushing boundaries.

“Keep on exploring the possibilities to do it better. There’re no other ways but to keep observing, applying, and daring to be the first to make it happen,” she states.

Dorothy’s story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring digital marketers and entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with vision and dedication, one can truly make a lasting impact in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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