It’s not what happens during the day in class…but what happens at night in the dorm

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Projek High Council – A drama phenomenon that captivated millions of Malaysians!

Unknown to most media planners, Kapla (Ketua Asrama Lelaki Atasan) is de man!

And millions agree.

Head of the tribe, movement, gang, call it what you will, the High Council (Kudrat) with lead antagonist Kapla (Amir Ahnaf) and his cohorts expose a riveting tale of high-octane action. Kapla also became a trending topic for two days following his special appearance at the Gempak Most Wanted Awards.

Finishing their blazing season run on Astro recently, Projek: High Council (PHC) is a nerve-bending drama series that has broken new ground in the Malay entertainment genre.

And in a staggering show of strength, the finale viewing party saw hundreds outside the cinema halls at KLCC.

I bet many of you don’t know much about the storyline, but let’s talk about all the fuss and buzz….

Following on from the successes of Astro Originals series One Cent Thief and Projek: Anchor SPM (2021), PHC narrates the story of troubled new student Fakhri (Meirull Aiman) on a mission to end bullying and injustices in his elite boarding school by dismantling the High Council – a band of reckless rebels bent on breaking all the rules.

Inspired by “untold Malaysia stories”, the series blew ratings through the roof since it began its run in January 2023. Here are more excerpts of the narrative…

“To be a scumbag here, you need to have a license. Who gives this license? High Council”

“Did you drug the whole Form 4 batch?”

“Those with their untucked shirts are Form 5 students”

Reinforcing the Power of Television

PHC chalked up a 3.2mil reach on TV, plus an incremental of over 1 million unique viewers on Astro Go and VOD, breaking record as the No.1 On-Demand Show of all-time.

Its online presence on TikTok, through #ProjekHighCouncil amassed 100k shares in just 5 days and has garnered a staggering 1.9 billion views since January.

It has not only sparked a phenomenal response among Malaysian audiences but touched the hearts of fans throughout Southeast Asia.

In fact, netizens are clamouring it be made available on international platforms because they say PHC will garner further fandom.

Capturing such a massive young following among Gen-Zs, the largest group in PHC’s audience profile, clearly dispels the myth that the young don’t watch TV. In fact, they are loving it, and embracing it in different forms.

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