What happens when you turn 25?

Astro 25

You realise your parents are actually cool people. 

You can handle heartbreaks better.

You are armed to embrace new ventures (that people say are impossible). 

If you are an entertainment company, you realise all of the above are true.

Astro celebrates 25 years of serving Malaysians. As a consumer’s brand, Astro is evolving alongside changing consumer behaviors by aggregating all the best streaming services in one place for customers to enjoy.  Brands can ride on this new growth trajectory too. And they don’t have to be 25!

Here’s why when Astro turns 25, 8+8 becomes 25….

Astro’s 25th Anniversary 8.8 Offer is optimised to deliver the best value for your media investment, powered by a double bonus of “8% more discount and 25% extra spots” for all off-the-shelf packages across TV, Radio and Digital. 

Enjoy this Anniversary 8.8 Offer which coincides with the 8.8 shopping festival instantly. No need to wait for another 25 years.

Being with Astro who is 25 years young and rejuvenating, brands can recover faster and emerge stronger.

Check out the packages here. Contact our AMS team at [email protected]

* Offer open to all advertisers with new media orders received from 2nd August – 15th September 2021. Terms and conditions apply.

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