I am bored, lazy and fat.

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I was going to ramble on about CopyShark and Jarvis but to hell with that.

Well, almost.

If you are bored, both are AI (not Anwar Ibrahim) powered copywriting software which are said to be replacing us writers in no time.

In seconds, to be exact.

I gave them both a test drive, being a bit of a writer myself, and these are my conclusions:

If you can’t find a human copywriter to work for you because you are a pain in the ass, this is your solution.

If you are a client who thinks you know everything, CopyShark or Jarvis is your match. Because you still win, so that’s a load off your ego. And imagine the hours of endless fun you’ll have while burning the midnight oil in your quest for perfection in life.

In the process, sparing a real copywriter some grief… and loss of sleep. Think of it as a humanitarian gesture (I should not have written this sentence…gulp).

If you need copywriting by machines for machines, then you have come to the right place.

If you are someone who still does not understand the benefits of good copywriting, CopyShark or Jarvis will show you just how clever or ignorant you are.

In seconds.

Meantime, excuse my jibes but what can I say, readers just love them!

For example, I am so bored with all the politics around me. Aren’t you?

It first started as a comical distraction from the monotony of COVID.

But it quickly descended into an addictive dose of stupidity I look forward to.

On that note, do you feel lazy these days?

I am talking about the 30mins-on-the-toilet-seat lazy, watching-the-same-episodes-and-being-thrilled lazy or the having-an-argument-with-your-dog-about-how-fat-she-is lazy.

Meantime, my house help has been vaccinated twice while I have to wait till Merdeka day for my second reason to be excited this month. Just saying…

Life happens as we laze I say.

I don’t have to be successful to be happy.

There’s always Glenmorangie…and she’s 25.

OK OK, I am taking the dog for a walk.

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