CelcomDigi works with Borneon artists to turn plant vibrations into music in captivating Gawai Kaamatan docu-film

Every year, the Gawai and Kaamatan festivals practise and celebrate gratitude to the land for its bountiful rice harvests. This year, CelcomDigi’s One Team—NagaDDB Tribal and M&C Saatchi—wanted to welcome the season by celebrating the symbiotic relationship between land and people.

Told through a breathtaking docu-film, the theme introduces itself as a connection beyond human interactions. Featuring Sape’ musician Alena Murang, music producer Joshua Maran, and Sundatang revivalist Gindung, the narrative centres on the trio’s mission to create a music project that would bring them closer to their roots.

Chronicled by Kelabit filmmaker Sarah Lois Dorai, this docu-film hopes to remind Malaysians of our connection to mother nature as it uncovers the complexities of our modern-day relationship with the land; forcing us, the viewers, to think about what the land has given us, and what we’ve been giving it in return. Simultaneously, encouraging those watching to celebrate the harvest festivals together by practising more love, care, and courtesy for the land we call home.

What’s especially special about this piece, however, is the use of sonification technology. With a device that can turn plant vibrations into sound waves, the musicians used a synthesiser to harvest the sounds of paddy plants, soil, flowers, as well as trees to create an enchanting melody. Weaved together with modern and traditional instruments like the Sape’, Sundatang, and Kulintangan, the song presents itself as a true gift of nature.

“It is our hope that through this story, audiences would experience the beauty and awe of the land we all inhabit. To sense how connected we truly are to a life-force that flows through all things in nature.

If we can sense this, we begin to shift our mindset from one who only consumes, to one who begins to care. It’s a shift from being a consumer of the land to being a custodian of it, in our own little ways, whoever and wherever we are,” said Alvin Teoh, Chief Creative Officer of the One Team.

“That’s what CelcomDigi believes in and what the beautiful cultures of Sabah and Sarawak can reveal to us. We hope we’ve done justice to this message that inspired this story.”

Designed with visually captivating scenes and intricately curated music, this beautifully crafted festive film also softly reflects CelcomDigi’s promise to the land as an ever-growing telco-tech company.

Become a custodian by experiencing CelcomDigi’s Nadi for yourself. Watch it now on the official CelcomDigi YouTube page or Facebook.

CelcomDigi together with NagaDDB Tribal and M&C Saatchi wish all Malaysians a happy Harvest Festival.
Gayu guru gerai nyamai. Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan.

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