Naga DDB Tribal & M&C Saatchi create Malaysia’s first ever crowdsourced AI film for CelcomDigi’s National Day campaign.

Every Malaysian has a dream of a Malaysia we want our children to grow up in. CelcomDigi aims to bring those visions to life to celebrate National Day in a way that’s never been done before.

Projek My Malaysia was an ambitious project born in collaboration between CelcomDigi’s agencies Naga DDB Tribal and M&C Saatchi. The groundbreaking campaign sees CelcomDigi hand over its festive film to the Malaysian public as a canvas to envision their Malaysia.

The campaign harnessed the power of generative AI – an artificial intelligence tool that creates content from text, images or videos – to inspire Malaysians to come together and share their vision of our country.

The public was given footage of an everyday Malaysian wandering the streets. They were then invited to transform scenes from it, using generative AI tools to express their vision.

Their visions were turned into prompts, which became unique AI-generated video clips that reflected the Malaysia they see in their hearts.

Throughout the campaign, hundreds of submissions were generated then put together to form a cohesive story that united the collective sentiments of the rakyat.

What followed was an awe-inspiring film made up of AI-generated scenes by Malaysians from all walks of life – an unprecedented demonstration of how we are stronger and more beautiful when we come together.

According to Alvin Teoh, Naga DDB Tribal’s Chief Creative Officer, This project started with one question all Malaysians can resonate with – what kind of Malaysia would we like our kids to grow up in?

It’s a universal desire that closes the gaps across the divide because deep down, we all want the same thing for our kids: a safer, happier, kinder, greener, fairer, stronger country for every child to live and thrive in.

So all we did was hand over our pre-shot film to the rakyat and allowed them to alter the scenes according to their vision expressed via prompts and now, we have a co-created festive piece that hopefully reflects our collective desire to see this Malaysia take shape through all of us coming together.

Because the truth is – the country we desire in our hearts is actually in all of our hands.

“Making Projek My Malaysia happen was in itself a stronger together experience. It took several teams to come together and play our parts to achieve the project’s ambition. I think what we created was a beautiful representation of what we could achieve when we work together towards a common goal.” said Marzuki Maani, Executive Creative Director of M&C Saatchi.

Film Director Maurice Noone of Directors Think Tank added, “We wanted to capture the sentiments of Malaysians and present it in a fresh way. Artificial Intelligence is all the rage right now, but technology is just a tool. We felt we could do something meaningful and not just cosmetic.

We felt there was a way to use it as a tool to express our collective vision of our country. Projek My Malaysia took the raw imagination of the public  and made it real.

It was scary working on the project because we didn’t actually know what fellow Malaysians would generate. Would it work?

But, in the end we had wonderful scenes that were transformed that we never expected. Good to know Malaysians care about our future and can imagine possibilities that I’d never thought of. There is hope.”

Through Projek My Malaysia, CelcomDigi hopes to bring Malaysians closer together this National Day to strengthen our sense of unity and celebrate our diversity.

CelcomDigi together with Naga DDB Tribal and M&C Saatchi wish all Malaysians a Happy National Day and Happy Malaysia Day.

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