Naga DDB Tribal Supercharges Creativity with Industry-First Generative AI certification

Naga DDB Tribal has recently unveiled its groundbreaking Generative AI certification programme, designed to invigorate the creativity within its agency team. In collaboration with the US-based business inspiration consultancy, OK Tomorrow, known for helping organisations worldwide foster innovative thinking among their teams, this AI masterclass for creative excellence promises to be a game-changer.

“AI holds the potential to assist us in multiple ways – either by guiding us towards ‘better’ outcomes through exploring a wider array of possibilities at a faster pace, or by freeing up time through the automation of routine tasks.

This time can then be channelled where it matters most – in crafting brand experiences that are not just valuable but also leave a lasting impression,” stated Alex Goh, Chief Strategy Officer at Naga DDB Tribal.

“This bespoke training programme aims to empower its creative, brand management, and strategy teams to harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence to generate superior ideas and creative content at the speed demanded by the business landscape.”

For the first time, Nilesh Ashra, founder and programme trainer at OK Tomorrow, will be bringing this Generative AI training to Malaysia.

Nilesh, with a background in business, advertising, storytelling, and technology, who also founded Wieden+Kennedy’s innovation business, “The Lodge”, and served as the creative executive overseeing the business’s creative output, is familiar with the challenges and opportunities faced by the creative industry today.

“I’m convinced by the power of inspiration to creative businesses. When I started OK Tomorrow, I had a belief that if I could help creative companies stay ahead of the curve, it would make the process of creativity better. And better creativity means better products and brands.

With Naga DDB Tribal, our goal is to equip each individual with a set of potential AI-assisted superpowers through the AI Masterclass, and encourage them to seek not just efficiency, but greater insight and breakthrough creativity. When this compounds across the entire company, some very exciting innovation will happen very quickly.” Nilesh Ashra commented.

This agency-wide, 9-week programme, which also involves training Naga DDB Tribal’s internal AI champions, consists of three core learning modules:

  • AI Fundamentals for Creative Agencies: Understanding the AI landscape and its role in the creative process through brand strategic and brand creative use-cases of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.
  • Leveraging AI for Ideation and Brainstorming: Equipping the agency team with specific techniques to spark creativity in the early stages of the creative process, including research, visualisation, mood boards, storyboards, and advanced prompting.
  • AI-Assisted Time Management and Task Prioritisation: Focusing on productivity by applying AI to day-to-day tasks through machine automation.

Naga DDB Tribal has intensified its training efforts this year with four key pillars: Core Creative, New Skills, Collaboration, and Leadership. In addition to internal initiatives such as The Bernbach School, led by DDB veteran Craig Lonnee, the company has also invested in various external training programmes such as the Effective Communications & Presentation Skills by Enfiniti Academy and Digital Marketing Mindset by The Monster School.

The OK Tomorrow Generative AI Certification is the latest addition and is now mandatory for the entire agency.

“The only way to continually improve and stay relevant in our field is through continuous learning. Fresh ideas emerge from a collaborative and curious mindset, and we are committed to offering more structured training like this, along with our monthly Virtual Learning sessions, where experts from diverse fields share their experiences, perspectives, and skills with our team,” emphasised Clarence Koh, CEO of the agency.

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