Naga DDB Tribal wins Bronze for “PRUCash Enrich” at APPIES Malaysia 2022

Starting this week, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the Bronze winners of APPIES Malaysia and Asia Pacific 2022 Marketing Campaign Awards by sharing the campaign stories.

Naga DDB Tribal awarded Bronze for their campaign with Prudential Malaysia under the category of Consumer & Business Services.

In terms of Consumer & Business Services, Naga DDB Tribal has acclaimed the title of living up to that category not only the viewer of the campaign agrees with it. Even, the judges second that notion which further led them to winning the Bronze trophy.

PRUCash Enrich – Consumer & Business Services

PRUCash Enrich, an Annual Guaranteed Survival Benefit policy was introduced at a time where “save for the future” was the last thing on people’s minds. 

Compounded with a plethora of consumer life uncertainties and industry challenges, our task was to help them to secure their financial future.

This is a story of how Prudential found a way to start the conversation and habit towards growing (vs saving) their finances by demonstrating how they can make money and save at the same time.

For a fully digital campaign, the agency generated 1,679 total policies purchased with a total annual premium equivalent (APE) of RM23.5 million (during the campaign period of May to September 2021). 

The success of the abovementioned results continued its momentum even post-campaign (October 2021-May 2022) with an overall achievement of 2,881 total policies purchased with a total APE of RM42.2 million from May 2021 to May 2022.

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