Naga DDB Tribal’s ‘She Speaks Power’ celebrates Galentine’s Day with artist collaboration line featuring thatDania (Dania Mah)

Naga DDB Tribal has launched a merchandise line under their all-female networking platform She Speaks Power to coincide with Galentine’s Day. The collection includes a pair of t-shirts and a cap designed in collaboration with illustrator thatDania (Dania Mah) and Naga DDB Tribal’s female creative team.

Building upon She Speaks Power’s vision of providing a platform for mentorship and collaboration amongst women, an artist collaboration with the female creative leads of the agency was a natural fit for the collective.

“In the true spirit of Galentine’s Day, we are very happy to launch our first limited edition merchandise line with Dania, a talented artist who shares very similar values to what we stand for at She Speaks Power.

It is not only important to provide women with a platform to express their views and to network, but it is also key to actively support up and coming female entrepreneurs, ” says Hajar Yusof, Head of Digital Experience of Naga DDB Tribal.

For illustrator thatDania (Dania Mah), she firmly espouses the idea of women being each other’s biggest cheerleaders and there’s no better occasion than Galentine’s Day.

Dania Mah

“I find Galentine’s Day to be a marker that shows how much we’ve evolved in women’s relationships and how we can continue to spearhead the movement.

Women should celebrate this day because there is strength in gathering to appreciate the connections we share and to cheer on the collective progress women have made,” she says.

When it came to the design and illustration process, she was inspired to show a range of modern working women in celebration as a proud showcase of empowerment.

“Women are always wearing multiple hats and are leading roles in various industries – thus, I wanted to display a group of diversified women, because no matter the profession or interest, we all can relate to speaking for the cause,” she explains.

Naga DDB Tribal’s She Speaks Power x thatDania “Galentine’s Day” collection is available from the 14th of February, 2023 and can be purchased through

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