CelcomDigi invites all Malaysians to open their hearts to the beauty of Ramadan and Raya in an enlightening film series by CelcomDigi’s One Team, comprising of Naga DDB Tribal & M&C Saatchi

Building on its brand spirit of ‘creating a world inspired by you’, CelcomDigi takes on a different approach by producing not one but three Raya films, inspired by our shared experiences as a multicultural nation.

The series, titled ‘Bukalah Hati’, explores universal themes of sincerity, acceptance and openness in three insightful films by three aspiring filmmakers from diverse backgrounds.

This is part of CelcomDigi’s efforts to nurture the next generation of talent by providing a platform where they can further hone their skills and share meaningful work with a wider audience.

The talented trio – Fabian Loo, Haran Kaveri and Bebbra Mailin – were mentored by Nadiah Hamzah of Wayang Works fame, in a collaborative effort with CelcomDigi’s One Team.

The first film, “Aidil dan Fitri” by actor Fabian Loo in his commercial directorial debut, features a pair of twins who learn that true sincerity brings a greater appreciation of ‘Aidilfitri’ as a day of victory.

The second film, “Sabar, Cikgu” by indie auteur, Haran Kaveri, tells the story of Cikgu Saresh – a teacher who is awed by the extraordinary willpower demonstrated by his students while fasting.

The final film, “Pulangkan Kasih” by award winner and lecturer, Bebbra Mailin, is based on her personal experience as a Kadazan-Dusun Muslim convert – revolving around Nina, a daughter yearning for her father’s acceptance upon returning to Sabah for Raya.

“Our greatest strength as Malaysians is the fact that we’re a rich multicultural society,” said Alvin Teoh, Chief Creative Officer of the One Team. “When we open our hearts to truly understand each other and embrace our differences – that’s when we truly shine as a nation.”

Alvin added, “Though these young directors have little experience in commercial films, they are Malaysian storytellers in their own right. It was a joy working with them and Nadiah, in bringing their visions to life.”

Sharin Shahimi, Creative Director of One Team concluded, “With many Raya films treading familiar themes, it was refreshing to work with storytellers from outside of the typical Raya world view. And the result is authentic stories deeply rooted in values that naturally weave in the brand as the unifying platform that brings people together.”

CelcomDigi, together with Naga DDB Tribal and M&C Saatchi, wish all Malaysians Salam Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Check out CelcomDigi’s Siri “Bukalah Hati” on the CelcomDigi YouTube page and social channels.

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