7DAYS and Naga DDB Tribal Lets Malaysians Experience Dual Citizenship This Football Season.

The FIFA World Cup is the most prestigious soccer competition in the world. Played every four years, the World Cup hosts the top 32 national teams from all over the world in a month-long tournament.

During this season, we found out that most Malaysian football fans feel more patriotic toward other countries. We may be Malaysians outside, but inside, we are rooting for and supporting a different country, a different team.

This October, 7DAYS and Naga DDB Tribal wanted Malaysians to experience what it’s like to be able to fully support another team as another citizen. We created a campaign that allowed Malaysians to switch nationalities for a day to support their favourite football teams without losing our Malaysian roots.

That’s how we arrived at the campaign idea, “Croissant Outside, Cheer-full Inside”. Just like our croissants that are filled with fun and surprises, Malaysians are filled with love for their favourite football teams from another country.

The campaign kick-starts the season with a contest. By answering a simple quiz on the microsite, it will determine which country you are a fan of, with fun combinations like Arlaytina (Argentina + Malaysia), Mazillian (Brazil + Malaysia) and more.

You’ll then be given a digital passport as proof of your support for your favourite team, and be in line to win prizes related to the country you support.

Cindy Yeo, Marketing Manager of Muchico Bakery Sdn Bhd explained that, “We’re committed to bringing sparks of enjoyment in your life. After four years of mundane waiting for the highly anticipated World Cup, 7DAYS, as the people’s choice of croissant brand, returns with joy wrapped with a twist for the football season.

Through this, we hope to bring football fans nationwide a fun and exciting time for the year end, regardless of which country you support.”

Clarence Koh, Chief Operating Officer Naga DDB Tribal adds, “I think it’s important for brands today to create experiences. Marketing, brands, they’re doing a lot of talking, but it’s just not enough. It needs to make people feel, and think, and act. That’s what we achieved with 7DAYS.

We wanted to create something for the football fans that spoke to how they truly felt, to be fans of their favourite teams not just as a fan, but as a citizen. Every 7DAYS pack you open now, you are experiencing what it’s like to be part of a team, a nation, and a community.”

To join the contest, just scan the QR codes on 7DAYS packs and answer a simple quiz about football. Once you get your digital passport, you’ll be given a sentence to finish. The fan with the most creative answer wins. This promotion is available in selected retail stores nationwide.

For more information on the 7DAYS contest, you can visit www.7days.my

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