Naga DDB Tribal and Pantai Hospital KL Team Up for ‘Boo!bies’ Campaign to Bust Unwanted Boob Scares for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Inspired by the Halloween spirit for October’s theme of terror and fright, it’s unsettling to think that not knowing how to care for one’s breast health can be equally frightening. As part of Naga DDB Tribal’s She Speaks Power initiative, the agency teamed up with one of its clients, Pantai Hospital KL to launch its breast awareness campaign, Boo!bies, in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Boo!bies campaign aims to support women by providing them with the essential knowledge to detect early signs of breast cancer, thus helping them to reclaim their power and prevent unwanted boob scares.

In pursuit of this goal, Naga DDB Tribal organised a thoughtful all-day women’s health event for all Nagarians. The event featured a lineup of insightful and engaging activities, including a breast education counter where experienced nurses provided complimentary breast examinations, an informative health talk by Consultant Breast & Endocrine Surgeon, Dr. Saladina Jaszle Jasmin, and a post-event session for people to mingle and discuss the topic in detail.

Ultimately, the event achieved resounding success, thanks to the exceptional contributions of those involved. What made the campaign especially fun was also the quirky, spooky approach taken by the team at Naga DDB Tribal as they advocate for the cause they’re passionate about.

“Championing the awareness for early detection of breast cancer is a cause dear to me, and I felt it was our responsibility to educate all the women in our Naga family on what they can do to empower themselves. Early detection can save lives, but the lack of education only increases the risk of late detection.

Breast cancer is undeniably a daunting subject, so the task for the team was to make it engaging and enjoyable to learn about without trivialising the seriousness of the topic.” says Farrah Harith McPherson, Chief Growth Officer of Naga DDB Tribal.

The campaign features three adorable ghost mascots serving as a friendly reminder for regular self-checks in a lighthearted manner. These endearing mascots have also brought forth a collection of in-house designed limited-edition merchandise, including t-shirts, tote bags, and stickers, all available for purchase at the event.

Naga DDB Tribal’s She Speaks Power is an initiative that aims to create a community for professional women to come together and collaborate, share and learn from each other.

To learn more about breast cancer prevention, visit here

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