Perromart launches the Belly Rub Cancer Check-Up to detect breast cancer in dogs with BBDO Singapore

Breast cancer is relentless in its warpath, and it does not just afflict us humans – dogs can fall victim to it too. The campaign introduces a series of belly rub movements that share similarities with a human breast cancer self-check.

In light of breast cancer awareness month, BBDO Singapore has collaborated with online pet store Perromart and its veterinary arm Perrovets to introduce the Belly Rub Cancer Check-up, a series of movements that can help detect breast cancer in dogs.

Through gestures and motions that our furry friends are more than happy to receive, the Belly Rub Cancer Check-up can help pet owners locate mammary tumours so that they may receive proper treatment at an early stage.

One in four unspayed dogs[1] is affected by breast cancer, with the median age of the emergence of mammary tumours being 10 to 11 years[2]. Moreover, it is an unforgiving condition that can steal time away from your loved one, with an expected survival period of just one year[3].

As champions of pets’ welfare and wellbeing, Perromart and Perrovets wish to preserve long, loving, and healthy relationships between dog owners and their bosom buddies.

The Belly Rub Cancer Check-up consists of three movements that share similarities with a human breast cancer check-up. But when gently applied to dogs, they can resemble the affectionate motions of a belly rub that dogs cannot resist.

It encompasses The Good Girl Stroke, a firm up-and-down motion; The Attagirl Rub, a two-handed circular rub; and The Best Bud Massage, an outward stroke from belly to chest. Together, they form a check-up that is easy and effective, and better yet, your dog will love it too.

To educate dog owners on the Belly Rub Cancer Check-up, the campaign adopted a multimedia approach with the hashtag #BellyRubCancerCheckUp using various formats.

Information was shared on videos and banners that resided on Perrovets’ website, printed posters, as well as social media assets that encouraged pet owners to share their experiences of undertaking the Belly Rub Cancer Check-up with their fur kids.

BBDO also worked with several pet cafes and dog parks to take the message further and reach out to the dog owner community.

“Dogs love belly rubs simply because they feel good. But now, belly rubs can also be good for their health. Dog owners can now use this opportunity to check for any tumours.

The Belly Rub Cancer Check-up is a simple, fun activity that could save your dog’s life – turning a moment of play into a moment of detection for dangerous diseases,” shares Tay Guan Hin, Creative Chairman of BBDO Singapore.

“It’s important to raise awareness of such a critical topic and help pet parents to spot warning signs early. These playful moments are not only fun, but now also useful, and makes remembering such check-ups easier. I

f adopting this new routine can save even one dog’s life, that’s amazing – however the extra bonding time with your pet is already invaluable,” reflects Teemu Kainulainen, Marketing Lead of Perromart.

The Belly Rub Cancer Check-up hopes to save lives and protect families. Playtime with your loved one can now also be a time for protection. Have you done yours yet?


 Client: Perromart, Perrovets
Agency: BBDO Singapore
Creative Chairman: Tay Guan Hin
Senior Art Director: Amanda Ler
Senior Copywriter: Ivan Ng
Copywriter: Kevin Ho
Videographer: Ryan Wong
Intern: Meilina Abadi

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[2] Canine Mammary Tumours (The Ohio State University, Veterinary Medical Center)

[3] Medical Oncology: Canine Mammary Tumours (VNC State, Veterinary Hospital)

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