My Mother-in-Law Says Customer Journey Mapping is a Bite of Roti Canai Gulung!

By The Malketeer

When it comes to navigating the roti canai-swirled world of customer journey mapping in Malaysia, who better to consult than my 85-year-old mother-in-law?

This savvy lady can whip up the perfect roti tissue while spotting a customer experience boo-boo from a mamak stall away.

Her dhal-lurking vision for touchpoint territory is the stuff of legends, and her insights are spicier than a Penang laksa on a scorching day.

“Customer Journey Mapping? More like a Banana Leaf Odyssey, I tell you!”

So loosen that sampin and let the riotous wisdom of a true Malaysian matriarch be your guide through this flavour-bombed banquet of extraordinary CX strategies.

First Impressions: “Like Ordering Teh Tarik for the First Time”

“Aiyo, meeting a brand is like ordering teh tarik for the first time lah,” she rallies. “You mess it up, good luck getting them to try your stall again!”

First impressions are semangat central – whether it’s a dazzling logo or a beaming ‘Selamat Datang’, that opening gambit needs to sweep you off your feet.

“You think I’d go back for more if my first roti canai was limp and sad? No way, budak (kid)!”

Cultural Savviness: “Don’t Serve Fish & Chips at a Malay Kenduri”

With Malaysia’s glorious cultural smorgasbord, you’d better be turbo-charged on appropriateness. Grandma’s seasoned advice?

“Don’t be the guy serving fish and chips at a Malay kenduri, okay? Read the room and respect the cultural codes.”

“During Hari Raya, bagi some ‘duit raya’ discounts lah. For Chinese New Year, maybe throw in some ang pao incentives. It’s manners 101, not astrophysics!”

Communication: “Speak Calmly, Like You’re Talking to Tok Mak”

This feisty lady is all about respectful, composed communication.

“In Malaysia, if you can’t speak nice, better don’t speak at all!” she quips.

Every interaction – from customer support to socials – should have a welcoming, sincere lah-laced warmth.

“Imagine you’re offering your beloved Tok Mak a cup of teh o’ panas – would you be rude? Same applies to customers!”

Personalisation: “Remember My Name, or I’ll Balik Kampung Your Business!”

To stand out in Malaysia’s white-hot market, personal dapping is mandatory.

“If you lepak and remember my name, my preferences, I’ll be more likely to remember your brand. It’s simple!”

“You think I’ll forget the mamak guy who knows I like my roti sardin with extra kuah?

That’s the sort of personal tender loving care (TLC) that keeps me coming back!”

Consistency: “Don’t Be a Disappearing Apam Balik Act!”

Consistency is key, says the master.

“Imagine a stall where the apam balik is sedap one day, horrible the next. You won’t go back right? Don’t do that to customers!”

Stellar sameness across all touchpoints is what it’s all about.

“Be that amazing service all the time lah, don’t be a disappearing act!”

Feedback: “Ask Me ‘Bagus Tak?’ Then Really Listen!”

Don’t just go through the motions – genuinely encourage feedback and apply those insights!

“Don’t just ask me ‘Bagus tak?’ when you don’t really care! What am I, talking to a banana tree?”

“When customers see their voices spark real improvements, they’ll feel proper dihargai. It’s simple courtesy – like when I tell my husband to fix something and he actually listens!”

Embracing Tech: “If My Millennial Cucu Can Do It, So Can You!”

While proudly traditional, Granny’s no dinosaur.

“This digital business is the future, whether you like it or not. If my millennial cucu can TikTok, so can you!”

“Get your online game as welcoming and slick as my kitchen at Hari Raya – anything less is just shameful.”

The Mamak Masala Maven’s Mantra

So, the final wisecracking word from Malaysia’s sauciest CX sage?

It’s about deftly blending cultural nuances, personal warmth and modern convenience.

By nailing first impressions, maintaining open and lah-imbued communication, personalising with TLC and embracing feedback alongside tech – you’ll transform your customer’s journey from ‘meh’ to ‘memang terbaik!’

“Remember,” she says with a characteristically fiery glint.

“If you can make a Malaysian go ‘Sedap!’ you’ve already won half the war.
The other half is keeping them happily reminded why – with gula melaka cendol after every meal and truly, superbly excellent service all the time!”

There you have it, straight from the roti master’s lips – spicy, sizzling, unabashedly Malaysian masala for crafting customer journey maps so extraordinary, they’d make the hostess with the mostest go “Wah, best CX ever tai!”

Just don’t serve her anything less than perfection – that cane she’s holding looks potent!

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