Prudential attempts to describe what is beyond words – a mother’s love for a child in the womb

‘Protection’, nobody thinks about it until something actually happens. So when a brief came in for us to position PRUMy Child Plus to protect moms and babies before they were even born, we were excited by the challenge.

Because one thing we know, is that every parent would go to great lengths to provide and protect their baby, even before they’ve seen them with their own eyes.

So we did what only made sense, we talked to mothers and mothers-to-be. We wanted to know everything we could about their entire journey. And one thing we found was that “there were all sorts of moms.”

All were different in their unique ways, and all stories had different joys, sacrifices, confusions, excitements, and other millions of emotions any one person could feel. But the one constant was that all their journeys led to love.

Staying true to Naga’s mantra as experience makers, we knew what had to be written and shown was something that expressed the truth of motherhood. To capture the real feeling that mothers felt, to share it with people, and to tell stories that aren’t often told.

Turning simple words into something believable and beautiful. That’s the power of stories, and that’s how a single story can evoke emotions of love in an experience.

“This is What Love Looks Like,” a campaign that aims to achieve synonymity when “pregnancy” equates to “PRUMy Child Plus,” has been made. It is an ode that expresses the love of each mom in their own super-mom way.

Naga DDB Tribal Chief Creative Officer Alvin Teoh, said, “I think some of the most amazing stories are already out there. All we need to do is pay attention to them, give it its due respect, colour it a little and serve it back to the audience. This is for the lovely moms who shared their stories with us over dinner and for all moms who’s loved us even before we came out into the world.

Thanks for the sacrifices and the love. It’ll never be enough, but we hope we’ve done justice to your stories.”

Aligned with PAMB’s Chief Officer, Product and Actuarial Services, Ankur Bassi, said, “The best gift you can give your child is to safeguard their life from before birth right up to old age.

This is why we have designed PRUMy Child Plus, a comprehensive prenatal plan that provides mother and baby with the gift of protection from day one and beyond”.

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