Flower Chimp’s love-struck Valentine’s Day campaign with Netcore attains 202% uplift in revenue

By Amol Kale, Head of Marketing at Limitless Technology

When words simply can’t seem to encapsulate the essence of emotion – the poetry of petals remains your best bet! Don’t discount these beauties as just another pretty face though – flowers have been around for centuries, and even today, they continue to be a timeless memento of pure expression, for just about any occasion. From vibrant yellow roses to wish someone the best, to lovely lilies to convey support; and of course, for love… the ravishing red rose. 

With a passion for expression, and a budding eye for the best of blooms – Flower Chimp, has ardently treaded on over the years, to spread warmth, joy & love, through the language of blooms. Priding themselves on their top-notch, fresh as-ever, and competitively priced flowers – this brand, under the Limitless Technology Group, has built a strong sense of resonance, trust and goodwill, making flowers synonymous with care across the region. 

But, the flower industry isn’t as rosy as one may think (pun intended). Comprising of hundreds, if not thousands of flower brands vying for a space in the minds of customers, and innumerable independent local vendors in the race, too – needless to say, competition is ceaselessly flourishing in the flower industry on just about any day. On mega occasions like Valentine’s Day though, it’s all thorns and cutthroat competition for brands within the industry. 

“This year around, the Flower Chimp marketing team and I found ourselves in the midst of an intense brainstorming session, on just a regular Tuesday, down in our offices in the bustling metropolis of Kuala Lumpur,” said Limitless Technology’s Head of Marketing – Amol Kale.  Valentine’s Day was soon approaching, and we needed a solution for our campaign.

It needed to be something that would effortlessly grab our customers’ attention, and get them to choose us for the most romantic day of their year. Ofcourse, we might have not been the only ones stuck in this conundrum though – when inboxes are flooded with ceaseless promotional emails, and attention spans are anything but flourishing – we knew we needed to harness the power of standing out.”

In order to prove that they were the perfect match for their customers this Valentine’s Day, they knew they had to focus their communications on the threefold key-stone strategy – “We needed to reach out to the right customer, using the right channel, at exactly the right time.” Amol explained – “Customer personalisation was the need of the hour. We needed to show that we truly knew them, and cared.

This approach to communication, alongside A/B testing needed to be our Cupid’s arrow, to deliver messaging that would be truly salient, and win our customers’ hearts over.” and to conquer this feat, they knew what they needed above all was a powerful and easy-to-use MarTech platform. Enter Netcore

“We crafted unique customer journeys with Netcore’s intuitive platform, devised strategic segment-based targeting, and sent out hyper-personalised and relevant content.” Noted Amol. Leveraging Netcore’s AI technology, the brand deployed its campaign using Emails, and personalisation in the form of browser-push notifications as channels.

With the Subject Line Optimiser, they also gained insight into suggestions for content that would most likely grab the customer’s attention – in order to foster higher open rates. While Send Time Optimization provided pivotal vital insights on the ideal time messaging that was required, in order to garner higher engagement rates.

“We ensured even customers that did not engage with our campaign or left midway through their purchase journey were re-targeted,” Amol added “we wanted them to remember us, think of us, and pick up where we left off. The best way to do that? FOMO. We devised unique customer journeys to re-target these segments – offering irresistible discounts on their flowers, and making sure they simply didn’t want to miss out.” 

The results were clear. Cupid’s arrow had worked its magic for Flower Chimp! “Customers were smitten with our campaign. Our quintessential flower brand made it to their hearts for V-Day.

Obviously, we were over the moon when we found that orders were up by a whopping 232%. Email click rates surged by 25%, and to top it all off, our revenue from Valentine’s day campaign increased by a staggering 202% compared to the previous year.”

 Amol explained, “What we understood from this digital campaign was that relevance and tailored uniqueness was what made content king. If you want your customers to feel connected to you, you have to build brand loyalty. They say timing is everything to convert customers, and we couldn’t agree more.” 

All in all, the team found that strategy was everything when it came to effective communication. The formula to building a blooming revenue was easy. All they needed was to send the right message to the right person – at the right time. As Dan Zarrella rightfully says, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”

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