Prudential prompts Gen-Z to rethink Insurance as a lifestyle protection with stunning 3D Avatars

Inflation has been breathing down the necks of Malaysians in the wake of the pandemic. Everyone is working harder and stretching their ringgit further just to enjoy the same lifestyle as before.

This reality is no different for Gen-Z, making them defer getting insured, choosing instead to put their stretched ringgit towards protecting their current way of life.

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) wants to assure Gen-Zs that they can continue living their desired lifestyle while still gaining uncompromised protection with PRUFirst — a flexible and comprehensive protection with Medical, Accident, Life/Total Permanent Disability (TPD) and Payor benefits starting from only RM135/month.

To shift the way Gen-Zs look at insurance from protecting their life, to protecting their lifestyle, PAMB alongside creative agency Naga DDB Tribal saw an opportunity to do what no other insurance brand in Malaysia has done — launch the PRUFirst campaign with visuals fronted by computer generated avatars.

“We know that at their age, Gen-Zs prioritize their personal interests over anything else. So it was important for us to tap into this insight and create an experience that they could resonate with,” explains Associate Creative Director, Naqib Shamsuri.

“That’s why we communicated the simple fact that life protection is equivalent to lifestyle protection.”

In line with the trending aesthetics of a generation raised in a digital world, the creative team at Naga DDB Tribal developed 3D characters that reflected the different interests of the target audience.

The stunning visuals showcased the kinds of lifestyles Gen-Z could continue living when it’s safely protected by PRUFirst.

PAMB’s Chief Marketing and Partnerships Distribution Officer, Eric Wong said, “PRUFirst is unique as it allows Gen Zs the flexibility to upgrade and customise their coverage to suit their need and budget.

Whether they are a content creator, entrepreneur or gig worker, Prudential is here to give Gen Zs the freedom and confidence to chase their dream.

With a plan as essential as their life’s essentials, PRUFirst will carry them through any health emergencies without compromising their way of life.”

Click here to learn how PRUFirst gives you the confidence to keep groovin’ to the latest hits, keep sippin’, keep gaming, and keep slayin’ their fit ALL while getting comprehensive protection for your life and your lifestyle.

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