A New Journey Begins

a new journey begins seni jaya
“A New Journey Begins” was first published in MARKETING Weekender Issue 309
By Raihan Hadi

Today we are here to introduce, or more like re-introduce one of the largest corporations of Malaysia who has championed the pandemic like champions should.

It has been around for over 3 decades, incorporated in 1983 and has more than 30 years of track record and experience in out-of-home (OOH) media.

The group has been managing one of the busiest urban highway concessions – LDP Highway, since its inception in 2005.

In 2016, through their joint venture with Big Tree, they also secured the outdoor advertising concession from MRT Corp for SBK Line.

a new journey begins seni jaya

And in mid-2021, the group embarked on a transformation plan to reposition the company to become one of the clear and prominent leaders in the OOH industry through acquisition and strategic collaborations.

The entity I am talking about is none other than Seni Jaya Sdn Bhd (SJ), a subsidiary of Seni Jaya Corporation Berhad, and they are very proud to announce their latest journey of transformation starting this year through to 2024.

Besides repositioning themselves as the leading OOH solutions provider, SJ’s key objective for the next 3 years is to form an enlarged and enhanced portfolio with a much wider geographical reach, along with which they will be diversifying their assets vigorously.

In addition, SJ aims to continuously adapt to the ever-changing preferences of their consumers with more tech-driven and digital-centric products.

This year, SJ has started laying the foundation to begin Phase 1 of its transformation. This includes their major M&A, which begins with the purchase of 40% shares at Noisy Sherbert Sdn. Bhd., a company that owns the proprietary software called ENOMAD, and it has a partnership agreement with a prominent e-hailing company in the region.

a new journey begins seni jaya

But that’s not all, the all new SJ has completed some major collaborations, which strengthened their value propositions as a leading OOH solutions provider.

These strategic partnerships have not only added tremendous value to SJ’s services, but also set new higher standards at which OOH solutions providers operate here.

First in line in operational collaborations were Unilink Outdoor Group and Vision OOH. These strategic collaborations added synergies to SJ with immediate access to a much wider product portfolio and geographical coverage, which instantly repositioned their standing in the industry.

Shortly afterwards, SJ further strengthened their portfolio with the collaboration with Andaman Media. And with that, they have successfully become the second-largest OOH media advertising services provider in the country in terms of inventory size and media solution diversification.

These are just a sneak peek of the first phase of SJ’s transformation.

I’m gonna pop into a quick conversation with the man at the helm Jeff Cheah, CEO of the newly revamped SJ, to clarify a few things for you.

Tell us a bit about how SJ has made such a huge journey of transformation look so easy.

Well, we started from a strong foundation. With 3 decades plus of experience in the industry, the company has the network and know-how to scale and evolve the business. Another key factor is the addition of new blood who brought along fresh ideas and contacts that enabled the rebranding and transformation quest of SJ.

What are the major value propositions of the rebranding and collaborations happening throughout this transformation project?

Since May 2021, the new management has started introducing digital-centric products like ENOMAD, the pioneering programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) technology, as well as enhancing product diversity through strategic collaborations. Hence, we decided to undertake an image rebranding exercise to present a rejuvenated SJ group, which better reflects our revamped media solutions.

In September, we successfully positioned ourselves as the second-largest OOH advertising services provider in the country with an enlarged and more diversified portfolio.

Particularly, the inclusion of digital-driven products will ensure the Group’s relevance in light of the changing landscape of the OOH industry.

a new journey begins seni jaya
Jeff Cheah, Chief Executive Officer, Seni Jaya Sdn Bhd

Can you please elaborate on the various collaborations SJ has undertaken and how they will help enrich your consumers’ experiences?

While we are all operating in the OOH media space, we each serve a somewhat different target audience due to the locations and nature of our respective assets.

With enhanced geographical coverage and diversity, we will be able to create complementary and all-round solutions for our customers and make their ad campaigns more impactful.

Kindly give our readers an exact idea of how SJ is the second-largest OOH provider in Malaysia.

We are the second largest in the country in terms of inventory size and media solution diversification.

The strategic collaborations with the new partners have boosted our total billboard panels to over 600 with coverage across Peninsular Malaysia as well as more than 20,000 street furniture panels in the Klang Valley.

Additionally, we also command 200 mobile LED screens that are being installed at the moment and various media formats at Gateway@KLIA2. Our products range from the smallest of street buntings to the largest of spectacular gantries.

seni jaya
360 media solutions by Seni Jaya

How superior is this pDOOH tech that SJ has acquired?

pDOOH is essentially an automated buying, selling, and delivery process for DOOH ads. The difference between pDOOH and location-based DOOH is that the former is data and technology-driven ad targeting. While OOH is static, pDOOH allows ad buyers to, in real-time, set specific parameters or triggers on when the ads are to be displayed. Such parameters include weather, time of day, and in cases like ours, geofencing, as e-hailing cars are constantly on the move.

This media is ideal to deliver advertisers’ messages to areas that are unreachable by location-based billboards, ensuring the highest impact and value possible.

Tell us a bit about the special features, customizability and affordability of this new service.

ENOMAD is the next generation of mobile, networked, and intelligent media advertising with an elegant appearance. They help media buyers reach multiple tiers of audiences in a programmatic and personalized manner.

For example, a restaurateur in Bangsar who wishes to promote a lunch package can set parameters such as the time of day to somewhere between 11.00am to 2.00pm and the location to a specific radius from the restaurant.

seni jaya

When participating e-hailing cars enter the specified location during the set timeframe, it will trigger the car-top LED screens to display the restaurant’s ads.

Because of the customizability of ENOMAD, our ad space can be affordable. Even small businesses with limited ad budgets could advertise with us.

Is there a way for clients to track when exactly their ads are airing?

Yes, our clients can check the historical performance report online. We include data such as the quantity of ad plays delivered, maps showing where each of the ad plays was delivered, time of ad plays, and other relevant info.

seni jaya

It goes without saying that not just programmatic enthusiasts, but anyone involved with OOH in Malaysia will be eagerly looking forward to experiencing this transformation journey that Seni Jaya has started.

To know more about their transformation as well as their work just click here.

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