Julie’s Biscuits inspires hope, new possibilities in delightful Chinese New Year short film

New year, new beginnings. As the year of the Tiger draws near, Julie’s Biscuits sparks hope for the future with its Chinese New Year short film titled ‘The Worst Feng Shui Master’ released today. Inspired by trademark icon Julie who personifies the spirit of hope and confidence, the film encourages Malaysians to look assuredly towards the year ahead by embracing and sharing optimism and positivity, celebrating the power within each of us to help change the fortune of others.

‘The Worst Feng Shui Master’ is a humorous and intriguing tale that chronicles the troubles of Master Wong, a Feng Shui consultant whose business and reputation appears to have fallen into hard times since he lost his lucky jade ring. As his astute skills and abilities hang in jeopardy, Master Wong becomes the butt of jokes and is mocked on social media by his fiercest rival, Chan Sifu. All seems lost when what appears to be a twist of fate leads Master Wong to a profound realisation – that hope can arrive in unexpected ways. The film invites viewers to recognise that things may not always turn out as they predict and invites them to see the silver lining in situations and challenges; opportunities that may have new possibilities and new experiences.

“The last couple of years have been challenging ones, giving reason for everyone to reflect on what’s truly important to them. Amidst our struggles, we need to look confidently towards the future. With “The Worst Feng Shui Master,” we encourage people to be agents of hope to one another as we begin the new year. As we emerge from a time of uncertainty, Julie’s wishes everyone a wonderful celebration in the lunar new year festivities and we deliver our greetings in this meaningful film with a hint of humour.” says Tzy Horng Sai, Director of Julie’s Biscuits.

A Julie’s and GOVT Singapore collaboration, ‘The Worst Feng Shui Master’, is now available to watch live on Julie’s website at https://bit.ly/344ZATQ/.

“Hope and smiles go hand in hand and that’s what we’ve always tried to bring with our work on Julie’s. The Worst Feng Shui Master is no different. In this film, we created a character we can all relate to. Many of us feel down on our luck sometimes, especially over the last couple of years. This film aims to show everyone that coming back from hard times is possible, especially with help from our fellow members of society,” said Kevin Joseph, Associate Creative Director at GOVT Singapore.

In celebration of Chinese New Year, Julie’s Biscuits will be introducing a limited-edition Golden Eggy Roll that offers a perfect, buttery golden crispy texture for an exceptional festive experience. Julie’s Love Letters, a crowd favourite, will also see all-new packaging, now available in convenient, easy to share tubs. Every Julie’s biscuit is made with passion, integrity, accountability and conscience to deliver quality, good taste and an outstanding biscuit-eating experience to consumers.

For more information on Julie’s Biscuits, visit https://www.julies.com.my/.

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