S P Setia launches Chinese New Year festive film on nurturing with kindness

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Flowers have long been a part of our celebrations, especially during Chinese New Year. Each flower carries its own auspicious meaning, whether it is displayed to bring vibrancy to the spaces in our homes or gifted as wishes of prosperity and abundance.

To cultivate something just right is to really put our hearts into it, so that our life’s harvest be bountiful with hope, joy and prosperity. Titled “The Fú-Growers”, S P Setia’s Chinese New Year festive film this year sheds light on the virtue of giving the care and patience needed to ensure our efforts blossom to fruition.

“Aligned with our brand mantra ‘Stay Together, Stay Setia’, ‘The Fú-Growers’ story captures our commitment to deliver the best in what we do as it is centered around how nurturing our efforts with kindness and heart will allow us to harvest abundance of joy and happiness,” said Adelene Wong, Head of Group Branding & Communications of S P Setia.

“The Fú-Growers” tells the story of how a boy, Ryan from a family of flower farmers learns the values of patience, care and thoughtfulness to grow flowers in time for Chinese New Year.

As Ryan takes a break from school during the holidays, he helps his family around at the flower farm to prepare flowers to be sold before the festive period. However, with his negligence on and somewhat impatience with the little details in caring for flowers, he realises the consequences and importance of nurturing with care and patience to yield the right result at the right time.

Supporting local talents and businesses

To portray the virtue behind “The Fú-Growers”, S P Setia collaborated with Malaysia’s renowned florist and floral designer of the award-winning Hollywood “Crazy Rich Asians” film, Eunice Teo to curate meaningful flower arrangements with peonies which are centerpieces featured in the film.

In support of the local nurseries and florist businesses, the production of the film took place at Chiong Garden in Sungai Buloh, Selangor which is a particularly popular area during festive seasons.

Setia wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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