KFC embarks on the journey that transcends time in search of the meaning of family in its latest Raya film.

In life, we all walk a similar path, facing loss along the way. As time ticks on, we are often afraid of losing what we hold dear. KFC’s new release, Landasan Kenangan, explores this theme in a poignant way, following a grieving mother and her daughter on a journey back to their kampung for Raya. Set on a moving train, the mother grapples with the fleeting nature of life and her innate desire to cling to precious moments with her late father.

“We always think of nostalgia as a moment in the past. Truth is, nostalgia is our heart longing for a happier time. And that’s the feeling we wanted to capture in this film. Nostalgia is our human superpower to unlock and feel love and joy, once more,” explains Alvin Teoh, Chief Creative Officer of Naga DDB Tribal, the agency behind the film.

The film imparts a lesson: when we let go of the fear of loss and the passing of time, we allow love and memories to transcend.

Directed by Maurice Noone of Directors Think Tank, Landasan Kenangan’s backdrop takes centre stage. It spotlights the stunning landscapes of Malaysia’s east coast railroad and seamlessly weaves real-life moments into the narrative.

“A lot of groundwork had to be done in bringing this film to life. It’s a deeply profound story that needed a strong and rich setting. It had to be authentic and meaningful. That’s why we embedded genuine moments of real people going about their daily lives and captured the breathtaking landscape, textures, sights, and sounds of the east coast from Kuala Lipis to Gua Musang to Tumpat.

We spent a substantial amount of time travelling on trains to make sure we covered the diverse terrain and beauty of the countryside,” Maurice explains.

The making of the film sought the guidance of Jeram-native Radzi Jamaluddin, who possesses extensive knowledge of the Eastern Malaysia Railroad and its routes. A cycling enthusiast himself, he often takes tourists and friends on train journeys to showcase the untouched beauty of Malaysia.

For many people involved in the production of the film, travelling to the East Coast via train and venturing into the depths of small towns proved to be an eye-opening experience.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand how integral the railway is to our community’s livelihood,” shares Radzi. “It’s more than just a mode of transportation; the train connects us to our roots, our traditions, and each other because of its significance in our day-to-day lives.”

Landasan Kenangan explores the beauty of life and celebrates the timeless bonds that unite us all as Malaysians. Through its evocative storytelling and immersive visuals, it offers a reminder of the enduring power of love and family, found in the smallest of gestures and food-sharing rituals.

Credit List
Client: KFC Malaysia
Agency: Naga DDB Tribal
Production: Directors Think Tank

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