KFC Thailand Makes History with its 2.4 Billion Baht Giveaway to Colonel’s Heirs

Thailand went amok this October when KFC celebrated ‘KFC celebrated Colonel’s 9.9 Birthday’ with a first-of-its-kind ‘Billion Heirs’ inheritance giveaway.  With a finger lickin’ good shout-out for the next Heir to Colonel Sanders’ 2,400,000,000 Baht inheritance, Thais everywhere flocked to KFC to claim their piece of Colonel’s flavor-packed legacy.

With the race to get rich, the campaign fried up excitement in every neighborhood: billboards, newspapers, TV, and online media were alive with the “Billion Heirs” buzz, giving away an extravagant 2.4 Billion Baht, in the form of a Toyota Yaris Car 1.2 sport and 8 million discount vouchers.

Before long, a record-breaking 413 million impressions exploded across social media channels, marking this the most valuable and inclusive campaign in Thailand’s history.

Chief Marketing Officer of KFC Thailand, Suhayl Limbada said, “The results were astounding. The campaign’s triumph was attributed to its simplicity, increased winning opportunities, and distinctive communication approach. Our KFC customers and fans brought the energy and excitement, making it the biggest lotto marketing campaign in Thailand.”

In light of the campaign’s creative strategy, Park Wannasiri, Chief Creative Officer of Wunderman Thompson Thailand, added, “We tailored the narrative to suit the Thai tradition of fortune-telling and we thought, why not make Colonel Sanders’ 2.4-billion-baht fortune the star of the show.

This was an impactful strategy, ultimately allowing all Thais to become ‘Colonel’s heirs’. We created an enjoyable, thrilling experience, granting everyone the right to become ‘Colonel’s heirs’, with a simple and affordable purchase of the KFC menu starting from 99 baht.”

KFC Thailand announced its new heirs to Colonel Sanders’ 2.4 Billion inheritance, Congratulations to Mr. Tummarat Wisetsang, winning a new Toyota Yaris and high fives to all this year’s KFC heirs who won their share of Colonel’s legacy.

“KFC Thailand would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to every participant and congratulate all our heirs for helping us make this campaign a resounding success; this is a testament to KFC’s commitment to delivering unmatched exhilaration and joy to customers – and we certainly won’t stop at a Billion,” ends Limbada.

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