Thailand’s No.1 Medicated Oil Brand Siangpure finds comfort in Kingdom Digital leading the Malaysia market

Thailand’s leading wellness company Bertram (1958) Co., Ltd is embracing the shift to digital and has appointed social media agency Kingdom Digital to build online presence for its No.1 medicated oil brand Siangpure in the Malaysia market. This is the brand’s inaugural partnership with an agency locally.

To help the brand drive awareness and connect with its customers, Kingdom Digital will be responsible for creating and managing Siangpure Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram. The agency’s duties also include developing bold strategies and planning and executing creative content for these platforms.

According to Bertram’s Assistant Vice President (Marketing), Meena Akrapongpisak, one of the main challenges they faced locally due to the lack of digital presence has been the confusion around ‘counterfeit’ as their exported products have different packaging.

Many of our customers are familiar with the iconic amber-red, tall bottle packaging that they have come to know over the years. But our medicated oils and balms come in various sizes, packaging, and types as well – some of which may not be as common to Malaysians. So, there have been instances where existing customers have mistaken those as imitations and doubted the products’ authenticity. Hence, we hope to establish an official page for Malaysia, which will serve as the go-to platform for information related to the brand as well as a channel for customers to direct any queries about the products,” said Meena.

On the reason why Kingdom Digital was awarded the mandate, Meena expressed that the agency’s creative ideas stood out and they were impressed with how prepared the agency was during the pitch, demonstrating a great understanding of the brand with in-depth research.

Together with their strong social media credentials, we believe the agency will be able to drive stronger brand affinity and credibility for Siangpure through the unique positioning and ideas they have proposed,” added Meena.

Kingdom Digital has commenced work for the brand early this month and the agency’s Strategic Planner, Yvonne Lee, said they saw an opportunity to widen Siangpure’s customer base to include younger audiences through relevant, engaging content.

Medicated oils and balms are generally used more frequently among the older generations. But our custom survey showed 76% of those between the age of 15 – 34 use them as well. And according to them, they associated Siangpure with spiciness, strong and very effective. Thus, giving us the advantage of a brand that is not just effective, but with a punch!”, said Lee.

To appeal to this group of audience, the agency will be leveraging Malaysian’s familiarity with Thailand’s bold, over the top, and humorous approach while incorporating local nuances to draw attention to Siangpure’s brand and products.

Edmund Lou, the agency’s Head of Strategy, added, “We also discovered from the survey that medicated oils are perceived to be “miracle workers”. With this in mind, we derived the big idea of Ridiculously Effective – mysterious yet effective and works like a miracle – while being ridiculously witty, bold and reliable through communication.”

For more information about Siangpure’s product range and availability, please visit Siangpure Malaysia’s official Facebook page or Instagram page.

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