Ipsos finds sexual harassment to be top concern in their “International Women’s Day” study

ipsos marketing magazine malaysia international womens day

Ipsos Malaysia released the findings from their study on “International Women’s Day” last week. The study, among other topics, explored current issues and concerns related to sexual harassment faced by women in Malaysia.

The findings from the study reveal that:

  • Among all the important issues faced by women in the country, Malaysians think sexual harassment is the top concern.
  • Sexualisation of women and girls in the media is the second highest concern, and more frequently mentioned in Malaysia than in other countries.
  • Compared to the global country average, equal pay and domestic abuse are less prominent concerns among Malaysians.

ipsos marketing magazine malaysia international womens day

ipsos marketing magazine malaysia international womens day

ipsos marketing magazine malaysia international womens day

Lars Erik Lie, Associate Director, Public Affairs (Ipsos Malaysia) mentioned that, “Every year, International Women’s Day serves as a reminder that even if the world has come a long way with regards to gender equality, it remains a work in progress.”

“For 2022, sexual harassment is considered a top issue, both in Malaysia and globally. However, what constitutes sexual harassment will be judged differently depending on country context. While about half of Malaysians find it acceptable to give unrequested comments or compliments on someone’s appearance, the global acceptance for this is much lower”, added Lars Erik.

“Sexualization of women and girls in the media is also considered a major issue in Malaysia, while equal pay is more of a concern globally. Almost half of all Malaysians agree that violence against women often is provoked by the victim, far higher than the global average – notably, women are as likely as men to hold that sentiment”, he concluded.

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