Ipsos releases findings for International Women’s Day 2023

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The findings from the “International Women’s Day 2023” study reveals:-

  • Malaysians believe gender equality still has a long way to go. However, Majority is confident that it can be achieved in their lifetime.
  • Men have a critical role in supporting women’s rights. However, a sizeable proportion of the global and Malaysian respondents believe that it is asking too much, to the extent of discrimination against men.
  • One out of two Malaysians claims to have witnessed gender discrimination. Worryingly, 1 in 5 have seen acts of sexual harassment against women around them.
  • Many Malaysians are scared to speak out and advocate equal rights due to its consequence for them.

Wan Nuradiah, Head of Public Affairs, Ipsos Malaysia mentions:-

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day through #EmbraceEquity, inequality in social, political and economic rights still exists. However, most are optimistic and confident that equality will be achieved in their lifetime.

While we recognize the critical role that men play in women’s rights, a substantial proportion believes that we might be asking too much to the extent of discriminating against men.

Almost half of Global and Malaysian respondents claim that Gender discrimination is all around them. 1 in 5 Malaysians has seen it in its worse form of sexual harassment against women.

Unfortunately, many Malaysians are scared to speak out for women’s rights for fear of the repercussions against them. Therefore, it’s essential to protect and provide a safe-free zone to empower advocates of women’s rights.”

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