Xamble Group Expresses Concern for Influencers’ Mental Health, Offers Coping Insights

The Xamble-Nuffnang Group, one of Malaysia’s and Southeast Asia’s leading digital and influencer marketing growth groups, recently highlighted an often-overlooked important issue – the mental health challenges faced by social media influencers.

While the influencer lifestyle may appear glamorous and financially rewarding, the reality is far more complex. Influencers are under constant pressure to maintain their online image, meet audience expectations,and produce engaging content, all of which can take a significant toll on their mental well-being.

The Group’s Executive Chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah (pic) said that businesses – and the world at large – should always remember that influencers are individuals with personal lives and struggles, and “not just mere content creators in the fast-paced world of social media”.

“The industry at large should be supportive of their mental health, ensuring they have the necessary resources and understanding to thrive both professionally and personally,” he added.


It all goes back to a decade ago when posting content on various social media platforms were just mere hobbies. Today, the landscape has changed dramatically. Social media influencers, also known as Talents or Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), personify this shift. Successful influencers have turned their passion into thriving careers, drawing significant interest and investment from companies here in Malaysia – and even regionally, worldwide.

“Their presence and success have shown that social media marketing is not only a practical option but also a thriving industry,” said Ganesh.

Supporting this trend, Sue Howe on Meltwater reports that an additional 4.8 million user identities joined social media in 2023, driving a 20% increase in the overall number of users compared to the previous year.

“These figures highlight the expanding impact of social media in Malaysia, indicating that marketers and brands have a prime opportunity to connect with a vast and consistently engaged audience,” said Sue. “Hence, pursuing a career as a social media influencer who creates digital content for brands is now a viable full-time occupation.”

However, she also cautioned that, while glamorous and financially rewarding for successful influencers, the profession also presents considerable challenges related to mental health.

“Influencers are often under relentless pressure to produce content that captivates their audience and achieves commercial success. Striving to achieve that delicate balance between authenticity and market appeal is not easy, potentially causing elevated stress and even burnout,” said Sue.

“Additionally, this line of work requires them to be in the public eye almost all the time, forcing them to maintain a certain image that further strains their mental well-being.”

As Asia’s leading influencer and content marketing company with over 16 years of experience, Nuffnang dug deeper to offer a glimpse behind the scenes into influencers lives.

The company spoke with Raj Mahal (pic), a former radio announcer at Hitz FM now working as a full-time emcee and content creator, who was more than happy to share his career experiences and how he juggled his responsibilities alongside taking care of his mental health.

Here are the realities faced by certain influencers:

  • Influencers often struggle when portraying only the best part of themselves on social media: It is not easy having to constantly manage an online image as an influencer. Raj shared that mistakes made on social media platforms can actually impact various areas of an influencer’s life.
    This instils a fear of public perception and acceptance since anything posted online can become a permanent social media footprint. Raj also shared that being a social media influencer can also be mentally draining as the public scrutinises every action made. “Creating new content also brings pressure, as audiences have existing expectations that they want you to meet,” says Raj.
  • Influencers often have little differentiation between public and personal life: The overlap between public and personal life makes managing mental health more challenging. For example, influencers often have less private space away from their followers.
    Stepping out for lunch or dinner in public spaces opens up these influencers to their loyal fans and followers who may come up to request photos. Limited privacy can make it hard to have genuine personal relationships and relax, which are both critical for good mental health.
  • Influencers also experience career ups and downs but still need to create content that performs: Every occupation has its ups and downs. Raj notes that everything depends on your perspective and how you view the world. “Bad things happen no matter where you are. What matters is how you respond to it.”

How can influencers cope better? Nuffnang believes that these issues are a normal part of life, especially if you love and care about what you do.

Raj shared that talking to people he loves, especially those working in the same industry, helps him manage his mental health better. His loved ones who are also content creators listen to his problems and share their advice, assuring Raj that he is not alone.

“Creating content no matter how hard it gets is a skill that influencers must keep practicing,” said Raj. “Don’t let setbacks phase you. If you need help, look to those around you to help set you back on the right track,” he emphasises.

Having a robust support system — whether through professionals, family or friends — is vital as it provides emotional backing and practical advice. This can help influencers to manage stress and remain grounded in their personal and professional lives.

The industry is also constantly evolving at a fast pace.

With social media algorithms often changing, opportunities are also being created for influencers to introduce fresh content, reach new audiences and improve engagement.

“However, this also means influencers must stay adaptable and knowledgeable about these updates to maintain their visibility and income,” said Ganesh.

“Instead of being discouraged by constant change, Nuffnang encourages influencers to embrace these challenges. Welcome opportunities for personal growth and innovation, as these can allow influencers to learn how to thrive in a dynamic digital landscape while managing their mental well-being,” he added.

At the end of the day, Nuffnang is constantly encouraging the industry to pay more attention to and support the well-being of influencers in their journey of creating great content.

“It’s important to look at influencers as more than just media spaces or content creators. Instead, let’s look at them as humans who need just as much love, compassion, and kindness as all people do,” emphasised Ganesh.

“Creating more conversations about mental health can help break the stigma and encourage healthier habits among influencers.”

Beyond just May as mental health awareness month, Nuffnang wants to ‘Build Better People’ with clients and influencers in line with its vision.

“As leaders in the influencer marketing space, we choose to constantly enable influencers to succeed in the social media space and stay healthy, not only in their careers but also in their personal lives,” said Ganesh.

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