Exclusive: Why Georg Chmiel is Investing in Ganesh Bangah’s Xamble Digital Growth Group

The growth marketing sphere was recently set abuzz with the news that tech titan and public markets guru Georg Chmiel has made a strategic investment in the Xamble Group, one of Malaysia’s and Southeast Asia’s leading digital growth marketing groups which has Nuffnang under its belt.

Georg brings with him an impressive track record, having spent three decades elevating Australian and Southeast Asian ASX-listed companies, a journey marked by successful exits and considerable shareholder returns. With more than 40 acquisitions under his belt, his strategic vision is widely recognised for fostering corporate expansion.

Previously, he successfully guided iCarAsia, a leading network of automotive marketplaces in Southeast Asia, through a merger with CARSOME. He also steered iProperty Group until its acquisition by REA Group, a standout digital transaction in the region at the time.

Georg’s entry into Xamble sees him teaming up with another tech titan, the Group’s Executive Chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah (right in pic). In other words, two tech titans have converged in Xamble.

In an exclusive interview, Georg elaborated on his confidence in Xamble’s potential to reshape influencer marketing across the region, offering a strategic vision for the Group’s future.

Q: What specifically attracted you to invest in Xamble Group Limited?
A: I have always been drawn to platform businesses that tackle business challenges in a scalable and sustainable manner, particularly those that demonstrate flywheel effects. Xamble’s platform has a modern approach to e-commerce marketing and sales, akin to how Juwai IQI has innovated in real estate, connecting brands, influencers, and customers effectively – and I wanted to be part of the next phase of the company’s journey.

Additionally, the progress made by Ganesh and the team at Xamble caught my attention — it’s impressive, and I felt compelled to be part of their continuing journey. As it stands, Xamble is already at the forefront of technological innovation with platforms like Xamble Creators and Xamble Social Wallet set to transform e-commerce in Southeast Asia.

(Note: Xamble Creators is a community-centric platform that facilitates connections between creators and brands for potential work engagements. It is designed to foster collaboration on innovative ideas and assist in content creation for monetisation. On the other hand, the Xamble Social Wallet represents a Web3-enabled membership ecosystem.

It allows brands and influencers to acknowledge and interact with their dedicated audience or followers through rewards. This cutting-edge platform introduces a comprehensive digital wallet for efficiently handling various digital memberships.)

Q: Given Xamble’s unique positioning in the digital marketing space, what growth areas are you most excited about?
A: The potential for deeper engagement in our current markets excites me. We are only just beginning to tap into our capabilities despite having a strong position. Additionally, the prospect of expanding into other ASEAN markets is thrilling; our business model lends itself well to such growth.

Q: With your extensive experience, including your role in over 40 acquisitions, what strategic insights do you plan to contribute to Xamble?
A: I aim to provide strategic insights on formulating and communicating our strategy to both current and future investors. Drawing from my experience in building and scaling platform businesses, I intend to aid in the rapid growth of Xamble. My M&A experience, particularly in ASEAN markets, will also be vital as we look to expand our reach.

Q: Working alongside Ganesh Kumar Bangah and the Xamble leadership, what strengths do you perceive in the team, and how do you envision this collaboration?
A: The current team is well-prepared to revolutionise sales and marketing with our modern approach. There is clear understanding of the business problem, a purpose-driven mission, a team of dedicated people, and a passion for what we do. They have shown resilience and adaptability, embodying the 5Ps — Problem, Purpose, People, Passion and Persistence — essential for rapid growth.

Q: What are your immediate plans after joining the Xamble board, and how do you anticipate the company evolving in the coming years?
A: My immediate plan is to immerse myself in the business, understand it inside out, and connect with the people, including brands and influencers. Looking ahead, I see Xamble becoming a leading entity in ASEAN’s influencer marketing and sales landscape, with our platform driving significant productivity gains for agencies. That said, I am also looking at potential merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities to further complement the strong organic growth the Xamble Group is experiencing, coupled with the latest technologies we had introduced especially in recent years.

Q: Is there a final message you’d like to share with stakeholders, potential investors and the community regarding your investment in Xamble?
A: My dedication to Xamble is total. I am here to support the company in any way necessary. I believe in backing winners, and Xamble has all the ingredients for success: sound business direction and a capable team led by Ganesh, ready to deliver on our ambitious goals.

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