Netccentric-Nuffnang Group confident of Crunch’s continued growth and strong potential ahead

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Digital growth agency and social media marketing specialist Nuffnang, a subsidiary of ASX-listed Netccentric Ltd, reports that its community-driven content platform arm, Crunch by Nuffnang, has been experiencing significant growth over the past two years despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nuffnang Malaysia Country Manager Kausern Hieu is confident that Crunch is poised to chart even stronger numbers with the recent launch of its newest initiative, the Crunch School.

He noted that since its inception in 2018, Crunch by Nuffnang has been growing from strength to strength to create a niche market of its own.

“For instance, Crunch PR, which empowers brands to inspire by creating inspiring brand experiences that can create an authentic connection with brands and their target audience in a memorable way, has household names as clients such as Guardian Malaysia, Dutch Lady, Kundal, Nivea, Pantene, Brands InnerShine, FamilyGuard, McCafe and IUKL Malaysia.”

Clients of Crunch

Emily Goh Yi En, one of the founders of Crunch by Nuffnang alongside Meagan Tan, described the division as a “passion project to fill the content gap”.

“Our mission is to inspire every young Malaysian to become the best versions of themselves and navigate through adulthood with helpful, developmental content. Today, Crunch has expanded to become a community-driven content platform, empowering like-minded people to connect and grow together.”

According to Meagan, Crunch had been running virtual workshops and events since the MCO started in early 2020 to bring its community virtually together during this pandemic, and keep each other accountable as they journey to become better versions of themselves.

Crunch founder Emily Goh Yi En (left) and Meagan Tan

“We have conducted a total of 22 workshops during MCO 1.0 (between April – June) last year, with an average of 20 -30 attendees. This year (2021), we host about 2 – 3 community events and workshops each month, with a total of 18 events in the first half.”

The distinct initiatives of Crunch

Crunch by Nuffnang has 3 distinct pillars: Crunch by Nuffnang, Crunch PR and Crunch School. Aside from Crunch PR, there is also Crunch Content & Community, which runs the abovementioned workshops and provides online resources such as newsletters and content platform.

“We were able to grow our page views by 10 times from 2019 to 2021, and we currently have 1,500 newsletter subscribers. Around 300 of our community members actively attend our workshops and contribute content to our content platform”, Emily enthused.

In addition, Crunch has also worked with various partners who share similar values of developing their audience, such as Ana Tomy, HeyAlfred, StashAway Malaysia, TalentBank, BASH clothing, and Our Stories Lab, amongst others. It has also conducted university talks in conjunction with SEGI College and Nottingham University.

The latest initiative from Crunch is called Crunch School, a product launched in March 2021.

Crunch School bills itself as a learning platform to help ambitious goal-getters to unlock their best potential. Emily explained that Crunch School uses a pay-on-demand online class model to help its users upskill themselves.

“Through Crunch School, we connect local industry leaders with ambitious students – mostly young adults – to help them unlock their best potentials with transferable skills.”

Courses available through Crunch School include Copywriting and Pitch Decks, debuting to rave reviews from the participants.

Rajeshi C., who attended the Copywriting course, noted that “all the information provided is so helpful and it has kept me moving forward to apply what I have learnt.”

Meanwhile, Melissa Tai, who attended the Pitch Deck course, stated that “the (Pitch Decks) course has a well-designed, easy-to-follow-through structure, and I was able to capture the key learning points effectively. User interface of the website is also very clear cut with no hassle in signing up and purchasing.”

“We are 100% committed to stay true to our values and promise to all our stakeholders (be it clients or community members), to continuously inject our mission to inspire people to become the best versions of themselves”, Emily concluded.

For more information on Crunch School, please visit their website or Instagram page.

Visit the Crunch website here, for their Instagram click here.

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