Exclusive: McDonald’s In Russia Unveils Replaced Logo Resembling Burger & Fries

You heard it from here first. DesignTAXI got a tip-off that McDonald’s in Russia has rebranded, ahead of a grand reopening slated for this month.

The overhaul was confirmed by Russian publications TASS and The Moscow Times, both of which cited state media.

The yet-to-be-named successor vaguely pays homage to its roots with an ‘M’ monogram as its branding, though it’s not the Golden Arches by any means. The initial is made up of two French fries-like strokes and a circle representing the circle.

According to Systema PBO LLC, the new parent of the fast-food chain in Russia, the logo is encased in a green circle as a nod to the quality that fans know and love.

Are locals lovin’ it?

The restaurant will introduce an all-new menu in light of the original chain exiting the country, leaving behind 847 locations and a three-decade legacy in the nation. McDonald’s was sold to an existing licensee by the name of Alexander Govor.

Accordingly, the successor has not decided on a name yet, though one potential moniker it’s been considering is “Fun and Tasty.”

This article was first published on DesignTAXI

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