Digi Safe Internet comic: Fun tips to stay safe online

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Cybercrimes know no age, gender or background. Understanding this and the importance of online safety education, Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) is making Safe Internet education simple, engaging and relatable through comic series.

Digi has partnered with renowned comic artists, Nixon Siow (Crazy Rich Guy) and Daniel Mok (The Mokumentary), to launch a six-part comic series on Safe Internet.

Advocating for a safer internet for children for over a decade now, this comic is another approach to educate Malaysians especially youths on being vigilant and social media etiquette.

The topics covered in the series include the importance of creating stronger passwords, online shopping scams, fake websites leading to malware infection, oversharing online, online stalkers and romance scams.

Digi’s Head of Sustainability, Philip Ling, said this collaboration with two of Malaysia’s celebrated comic artists is the brand’s way of tapping into the diverse platform of art and culture to raise awareness on Internet safety. “With the simple and engaging contents, we hope the comics can become conversation starters for various topics related to Internet safety.

Scams and fraudulent activities are becoming more common these days, thus we see the pressing need to help digital citizens stay sharp and safe online, particularly those who are vulnerable such as the youths and senior citizens,” said Philip.

The comics will be available on the respective Instagram pages of the artists – The Mokumentary and Crazy Rich Guy, on a weekly basis. It will also be made available in Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese in order to reach a wider audience.

As part of Digi’s flagship Safe Internet programme, it has made available its Yellow Heart Safe Internet portal, which serves as a one-stop repository of educational material to equip Malaysians with the right tools and knowledge to use the Internet safely, including guidebooks for parents and children, video series, national syllabus modules and more.

For more information on Digi’s Yellow Heart initiative, visit https://digi.my/yellowheart.

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