Celcom introduces Metaverse with Augmented Reality Services

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Celcom Axiata Berhad (Celcom) in partnership with Nonvoice launches the best augmented reality (AR) content, Nonvoice Metaverse for all Celcom subscribers, enabling customers to immerse themselves with the latest digital experience and lifestyle. 

The partnership provides Celcom customers with 10 aggregated and integrated consumer apps, delivering digital experiences covering AR games, education, digital collectibles/non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sports, all in one portal. Celcom customers can exclusively have access to not one, but all of these exclusive AR services via the Celcom Life App at only RM3 per week.   

Nonvoice is the world’s first 5G app agency with partnerships that include mobile network operators, device and hardware vendors, and various industry-leading brands. Nonvoice also operates with a global network of expert agents who are deeply entrenched in their markets and fields, and a network of investors who can help app developers with access to funds to back their great ideas.

As Malaysia accelerates the adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology and with the upcoming 5G rollout, Celcom and Nonvoice will continue to add fresher and more thrilling content every month, ensuring greater value and better digital consumer satisfaction. 

Starting today, a total of 10 AR services is available for Celcom customers to enjoy, ranging from: 

  • SCOAAR – A multiplayer AR air hockey game that enables 2 simultaneous players to freely interact with AR by physically moving, blending the real and the virtual.
  • Bookful – Let your child paint a dinosaur and look at it come to live in your home. It also holds the world’s largest 3D/AR library with hundreds of book titles from leading publishers and brands. The interactive experience provides children engagement beyond the pages of the book and extends their understanding of the content.
  • GFT Exchange – Celcom users who subscribe to the plan will be given one (1) NFT on a weekly basis. NFTs have become increasingly popular and are regarded as collectibles that can be traded off at the NFT marketplace. 
  • LearnX – Improves children’s vocabularies with AR.
  • InvadARsX – It is an AR spaceship defender game that allows you to step right into the action and feel as if you are part of the game, but physically you are still within the comfort of your home.
  • BREAKAAR – Bring this game into the real world. Play, control the paddle and don’t let the ball fall.
  • Leo AR – Nurture children’s imagination and creativity through AR by recording videos and sharing them with family and friends all over the world.
  • World League Live Soccer – A social and immersive fan engagement platform that connects social media fans worldwide with the soccer clubs and stars they admire. This app focuses on the mobile-first generation.
  • AwakeningX – Players enter a mysterious world of fantasy to control a dragon by physically moving in the real world, collect points to make their dragon stronger and lead it to a fierce battle against an enemy dragon to protect a sacred altar.
  • Reality Clash – Join an action-packed AR shooting game in a virtual battlefield whereby players’ movements, reactions and strategies are crucial to their success.
t kugan celcom axiata metaverse
T. Kugan, Chief Emerging Business Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad

Kugan, Chief Emerging Business Officer of Celcom Axiata Berhad said Celcom is excited to partner with Nonvoice and offer Malaysians a fresh innovation of lively and exhilarating digital services and experiences. 

“The metaverse is seen as game-changing virtual space that is poised to transform the way we play, learn and socialise. We are enthusiastic about the potential of the AR experience through this partnership and how it will influence various fields such as education, entertainment and commerce. We are confident that Celcom’s latest initiative will empower Malaysians with digital knowledge and skillsets to help them discover the vast potentials of AR within the metaverse. This partnership complements our commitment to promote innovation and technological advancements for exceptional consumer experiences,” he added.

simon buckingham nonvoice metaverse
Simon Buckingham, Chief Executive Officer of Nonvoice

“Nonvoice is delighted to partner with Celcom Axiata to bring the Nonvoice Metaverse to Malaysia. We are excited to see how consumers are surprised and delighted by the new Augmented Reality apps and services and games that they can play in their phones,” said Simon Buckingham, Chief Executive Officer of Nonvoice.

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