Milk & Honey PR Unveils AI Ethical Playbook: Navigating Ethical AI Integration to PR Services

PR agency Milk & Honey PR today announced the launch of its new artificial intelligence (AI) Ethical Playbook, a dynamic document informed by industry research and findings from a survey of current Milk & Honey PR clients, that outlines the company’s approach to AI.

Specifically, the playbook centers on ethical AI implementation, emphasising not only specific use cases for AI technology within the PR industry, but also highlighting the important topics of compliance and strategies for agency self-regulation.

Although it remains a highly polarising topic, AI technology will, and already has, altered the way we work across industries – including the Public Relations profession. According to the survey of current Milk & Honey PR clients, 91% of respondents consider it either fairly or extremely important that their PR agency stays updated and adopts AI tools to improve its services.

However, the overall sentiment towards AI is split between excitement and cautious curiosity, as data privacy and security risks are cited as the main concern (83%) about AI implementation.

Research suggests that in 2024, Asia Pacific will see significant adoption of generative AI as a tool for enhancing productivity. However, due to risk-averse corporate cultures and insufficient data management capabilities, only 30% of companies will be able to leverage AI’s advantages. Challenges exist for APAC firms struggling to operationalise customer trust via their marketing and sales functions.

“As an agency, we believe in embracing AI responsibly,” explains Meilin Wong, Partner & CEO Milk & Honey Singapore. “The playbook serves as a testament to our commitment to ethical AI integration and as a guide towards human-centric use of AI in the realm of Public Relations. The Asia Pacific region is vast with unique cultural, social and economic contexts. As brand communicators serving local and global clients in Asia, a human-led AI approach is all the more essential in ensuring authentic, trusted and culturally nuanced messaging”.

With rapid advances in technology continuing to outpace regulatory response, it falls on individual industries to determine how to use AI. The Milk & Honey AI Ethical Playbook outlines just that and is informed by topics ranging across transparency, bias detection, human oversight, and education. By necessity, the playbook is a dynamic document that will change in step with technologies, industry guidelines and governmental regulation.

In their exploration of AI solutions from the use case perspective of a strategic communications agency, the Milk & Honey AI Steering Group has found a human/AI hybrid approach – one that is always led by the former and supported by the latter – most effective.

This is why the playbook also emphasizes the necessity of maintaining a human touch in PR endeavours. The AI ethical playbook along with a foreword from Dr. Christian Stiegler, subject matter expert on topics such as XR, AI, Technology Ethics, the Metaverse and emerging technologies, is publicly available on the Milk & Honey PR

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